Inspire Others & Teach Your Kids

If you’re a parent like I am, there’s a good chance it’s important for you to help your children grow and learn develop. One of the more challenging things sometimes is how to engage our children without forcing things or pushing things. In the full 30 day growth plan, we have accountability, follow ups, and we have checklists, and we have calendars. And those are things that hopefully for us as adults will support us. And even for us might be a little bit more than we want to do sometimes. What I’ll encourage you to consider is even with the two page plan, if you can get your children just to look at it, and do part of it every 30 days, or maybe they just write out the plan. And they don’t have the follow up checklist every day. depending on their age, depending on their motivation, what they’re working towards. It might not be great to push them. And yet at the same time, it might be very helpful to at least getting them thinking about the connection. between their goals, and the action, they take on their goals in order to making their goals become a reality. If you have any feedback on this, I’m also all ears as a parent, I’m always looking to see what I can learn from and I’ve done stuff like this, when the kids I coach for basketball, and volleyball, my my son, my daughter’s friends, and like with most things, and some will respond really well to it about 10 to 20% really run with it, another 30 to 40% kind of taken on another 30 to 40% don’t even really take it on at all. So it’s not about putting a huge expectation on yourself. But it could be something to get your kids to take a step forward towards things that are important to them. And additionally, the 12 year goals and or the annual goals by month, the monthly goals could be something that’s helpful for them. Just show it to them, let them take a look at it and let them play with it and if they embrace it great, even better if they decide to create their own own version of it, I really encourage you to not be attached to what I’ve created. And if they look into I like this, they don’t like this, have them create their own. And I’d also love to see that if they do that because I too am learning how to reach children in a way that is powerful, but not overwhelming. And all jokes aside, those also might be things that help us as adults, because we’re also pretty overwhelmed as well sometimes, too. So, thank you for doing this. If you have any feedback on this, let me know as always, I look forward to helping you, your family, your loved ones, your children, create the life you most desire, one month at a time. Thank you