Importance Of Daily Practice – Bonus Lecture

Hi, I’m Johnny john. So this video was created to make you realize the importance of daily practice. Because I know it’s all too easy to just throw away what we’ve learned what technique as soon as we’ve learned it. Realize the key to self transformation is persistence and patience, because we’re trying to transform the mind which we have been cultivating for a lifetime, habit patterns that we’ve created for a lifetime. So we need daily practice, daily challenging off our current beliefs, daily refining of our old beliefs, so that old beliefs can be released and new ones be formed the journey of self transformation. If they are no daily practice, we just go back to our old ways of thinking of reacting, there would be no change. So daily practice is important. The other cause I may have said some Things that you may not agree with. This is perfectly natural, this is good. This means your mind is being challenged. So always keep an open mind. allow your mind to be challenged. And then try what I have said to see if it works with you. If it doesn’t, thing it doesn’t. You know, my goal here is to take you on the journey so that you can become your own teacher. So always validate the truth of what I say through your own experiences. There, there may be some things that I have said that you agree with. And maybe there’s some things that I have said, that is so obvious to you. Now, the danger with this is that because it’s so obvious, you may skip it, and they’ll practice what has been taught. realized is the difference between self Knowing and practicing what you know. You know, I’ve met many people that can talk Western for hours on end, I count that these kind of people usually don’t practice what they preach. It’s a result, no change, they’re still the same as before. So it’s important to practice what you know, to apply it, to apply your wisdom and to practice and to your daily lives. That’s how you can transform the mind. Now also, I think it’s important to incorporate meditation into your daily practices, if you own the journey of self transformation. This is because without meditation, we can simply end up in a state of reaction and not learning from the experiences. For instance, you may end up tripping over a rock. We’ll meet someone that gets you angry and you end up reacting. Without meditation, it’s easy to dwell in that negativity, perhaps for minutes, hours or days and learn nothing from it. But meditation teaches you to be in a state of observation, although you will react, but you will have the mental faculty to simply observe their reaction or later blow up and see the lesson behind that experience, to learn from it, rather than to simply suffer and react to it. So, applying meditation into your daily lives, no matter what technique you’re learning, no matter what kind of journey you’re on will greatly help you and your life. It will help you to develop self knowing and self transformation. And you can try many free mini dictation techniques I have. I have many free meditation techniques you can try to visit my website Christian within creation calm. So I hope you will on your journey of self transformation. Remember the key things to take from this video is the importance of daily practice, the importance of meditation and the importance of challenging yourselves challenging your mind, if you wish to be different to change to be different than before, to be happier than the day before. So I hope you’re well on your journey of self transformation. Now in terms of self placings, I hope you’re still practicing it every day. I know it’s only about a minute or two minutes practice before the end of every night. Remember to always go one level above than before for instance here first we choose the experiences that we find worthy of applause. Perhaps you did a good job at work, applaud yourselves for it. Then go to the next level of self acceptance. Choose experiences that you find not worthy of love. Be said the experiences were that will allow the state of self rejection to surface, allow self knowing to happen. So always choose experiences, you cannot accept yourselves. It can be an experience where you made a mistake, or maybe perhaps you did something wrong. Just applaud yourself for it. That’s self acceptance. Notice the three things happening and the technique of self blessings. When you choose inexperienced you cannot exceed you realize the state of self rejection and the resistance that is stopping you from exceeding thing that has self knowing. When you applaud yourself for it, you’re developing self acceptance. So realize the core of the technique. To accelerate your journey. apply what you’ve learned. Apply the wisdom you have gained from the technique and to your daily lives instead of just practicing it at night. Practice it every day. That is how you accelerate the journey. Constantly accepting yourself no matter what happens. For instance, last week, I made so many mistakes. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I wrote the wrong things at work. I forgot to give customers the documents back after printing them. I applauded myself for it by sharing my mistakes with everyone in the office and everyone laughed with In the past, I’d be ashamed of even talking about my mistakes. But mistakes happen. It’s just an experience. We can’t be perfect all the time. And through the self placings technique, you will realize you’re in fact already perfect. things just happen. You can control be in control every moment. And then to take the technique one level further, you start to accept others and the same way you accept yourself. That’s how you accelerate this journey of self transformation. Because then loving others and accepting others, you’re doing the same to yourself because in the deeper mind this only one self. When you accept others, you are in fact accepting yourself. When you are accepting yourself, you’re accepting others. You see, this is how you move forward on the journey of self transformation. If you accept yourselves well rejected Think others, you’re taking one step forward and one step back, no change. So I hope you reach this level, the highest level of self acceptance where you start to apply it in both directions. This is when the technique of self placings does truly working. Okay, I hope you well on your journey and I’ll see you next time.