Implementation Calendar

Another powerful way you can track your progress is to use one of our calendars. And what you can do is at the top of the calendar, simply put your name and your 30 day goal and your 30 day habit. And then if you like you can simply use a regular calendar and write what it is you need to do on each of those days. And then see if you did those things. Now you can write in your own numbers if you like we have some other calendars with different numbers already put in them. And this is the more generic calendar that allows you to write your own content in it. And we also have a more detailed calendar that allows you to write whatever it is your goal for that specific day. indicate how much progress you made so 100% progress or 80% progress where the number is and then to put a checkmark if you completed the habit on that day. So you can be really just big picture looking at the overall situation and what is you need to do and use just like a desktop calendar or your calendar you’re used before to Write down what it is you need to do. And maybe just circle if you did it or write on it whatever you like. Or if you like something more specific, you can use this to be clear about exactly what was the goal for that day? What progress did you make, and what happened. So as an example here, I could say that my goal for the day is to complete my plan. And my progress on it is 100%, I completed my plan. And let’s say my habit was to exercise that day. I exercise that day. So I can do this in a very simple way to look at what I’d like to see happen and track that each day of the month. So I can maintain my progress, see how I’m doing and see where I’m going. Now, if any of you all have also taken part of any of my coaching around working a four day workweek and I have the same calendars available in a four day workweek style, where the week is simply arranged in a different order, so you can focus first on doing your work week and then having your weekend days. Put separately. If you have questions on that, you can go to four day to check that out. So I hope you find the calendar helpful. If you have any questions on this, please let me know. And as always, I look forward to helping you create the life you most desire, one month at a time. Thank you