Impatience Guided Meditation

This is the short meditation exercise on overcoming impatience. Now, impatience isn’t something that we have put on us from the outside. It’s something that subconsciously, we usually choose to have, we choose to be impatient. Now this can actually be useful because it means we can learn about the triggers and the things that make us impatient. However, we need to practice with this so that we can learn to respond constructively to those triggers, instead of reactively or aggressively at the end of the day. Patience is just another word for peace of mind, which means it’s really relevant when you’re in a place where you can easily become panicked, agitated, or uncomfortable. When you’re in those situations, you often become impatient because of those and therefore make rash decisions. So this should help us calm down a little bit and react a bit better. So, I want you to make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable place. And when you’re ready, take a deep breath in through the nose. Hold it for a couple of seconds and breathe slowly out of the mouth. do this a couple of times and on the second or third time, as you breathe out, close your eyes. continue breathing slowly in this way until you feel your body becoming increasingly relaxed. When you feel completely relaxed, I want you to start counting each breath in and each breath out. do this slowly and calmly. Continue counting until you’re out number 10 which would be your fifth outbreath If you notice that you get distracted, just acknowledge that you’ve been distracted and then go back to counting your breaths. When you’re finished, you can start again at one the next Next time you get to 10, I want you to let go of that focus. And instead, just focus on one final breath in. And the next time you breathe out, you can open your eyes. Just focus on what you’re feeling right now. And on how relaxed you are. Continue to sit with that feeling until you’re ready .