Imbalance Guided Meditation

welcome to this quick meditation exercise on imbalance. Now, there is usually an innate sense of balance that is actually always present within us. But for various reasons, we lose sight of it. Sometimes we need to take a step back and know that these problems aren’t isolated and that we aren’t isolated. Instead, we’re part of a much bigger world where these kinds of things are happening to so many people all of the time. If we can trust that that innate sense of balance, will still come back and make ourselves very present in a situation, then we can give ourselves the space and the time within the day to give ourselves that balanced back. We can do this by reminding ourselves of it and being present with balances and imbalances in each moment, we can reflect on the things that support us to find better balance and implement them more closely into our lives. So when you’re ready, get into a comfortable position, sitting down. start breathing slowly and calmly and deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this a second time. And when you breathe out this time, close your eyes. Continue this deep breathing until you can feel all of the tension melt out of your body. When you feel like all of that tension has melted away, I want you to remind yourself how you feel when you are feeling more at ease. When you feel like there is spaciousness and lightness, and balance in your life. I want you to imagine that those feelings start to seep into your body from your head. You should be slowly feeling all of that calm, lightness, brightness and spaciousness. enveloping your whole body, from your head right down to your toes, making you even more Calm and you weren’t before. Continue doing this until you can feel that sense of ease and a greater sense of balance and calm. Almost like the opposite of tension and aggravation in every single part of your body so that you feel loose and in no way burdened. Sit with that feeling for a few seconds and then bring your attention back To your breathing. Just remind yourself of those positive feelings as you slowly open your eyes and continue to sit with those feelings. Enjoying how they impact you and make you feel until you’re ready to finish up.