Identification of Concerns

It’s also important for the staff within your organization to be able to identify any safeguarding concerns that they might see when they’re dealing with service users when they’re supporting them and so on. So the raising of staff concerns is important and needs to have a procedure in place. In particular, your frontline staff need to be thoroughly trained in safeguarding and the signs of abuse and neglect. A high level of staff engagement is essential. Good communication with your staff is important. There’s good online training available. And also in house discussion and review of anonymized cases is also important to build staff awareness of the things to look for. I’ve given them a link to one of the training providers of safeguarding training. I have no connection with the blue stream Academy, but I have heard feedback that they provide good quality training and the process for raising staff concerns. Well, a staff concern might be raised there that Concerns should be logged. At the same time a designated person, probably the safeguarding lead in your organization should be informed and they should take the appropriate action. This might be raising the concern with the appropriate professional organization, the safeguarding team of the local authority for example, the service users record should be updated with the information and the action taken. And then there should be regular audit of the process to ensure it’s effective.