Ideas for Practice

Good evening. So if we want to build that understanding, actually actually recognize these things that were dancing around, helps to actually do it. So I’m going to invite you for a little bit of a challenge that you can do yourself. Okay? Now, this is something that I did, I kind of had a phase where I was really into this and practicing through this and it helped in my understanding of it because I got to experience it, I got to actually see it for myself through my own experiences. And what what this is, is temperature. So what I learned from my own experiences is that you actually can’t experience cold or, or hot, you can’t experience that. The early these are actually pretty programs, so their programs so they have they have attachments to them. As soon as you hear the word, you kind of get into a certain state of mind, you kind of draw upon certain cultural phenomena, cultural conditions, and you experience that you don’t actually experience the thing itself. So, you experience all that charged energy behind the word, all that all that all that baggage that the word has taught, right? An example of this is like cancer someone. It has a lot of baggage to it, doesn’t it? A lot of beliefs about it. A lot of connotation. It’s the same with temperature. Similar with temperature, you can actually experience hot or cold and I tried this okay, I did experiments myself. Where I would subject my body to these temperatures and I would very happily sit through very cold things. Like I remember I would go to the mountain in shorts singlet, and thongs, thongs is just the mountain I live by lives in camera, and it was winter in Canberra went to gets into the negatives very cold from Australia. So I went to the Mac mastermap backyard and I would sit through that and kind of learn from my experiences. And what I learned was anytime I would resist what I was feeling, that’s when it would get uncomfortable and cold. If I invited what I was experiencing, the cold would disappear. I wouldn’t actually experience coldness, I would just experience sensations. If I actually got into that point where I was one with the sensations and letting go of resistance to them. There was no cold there was no cold there was no hot there was just sensations being experienced being let go of as they were rising then you can do this. You can you can do this for yourself if you would like to. And if you don’t have a mountain nearby you or if it’s if it’s hot outside this works really well for the extreme so if it’s really hot or if it’s really cold, kind of not really for the in betweens but and I just want to clarify that neck now I’m wearing a jumper I don’t really care about this stuff. It’s just not not really interesting, but I didn’t have that phase where I was experimenting with this stuff. And I did a lot and I did do some stuff with a cold shower. So that works. Also that works also, although now I don’t do cold showers. I love my warm shower. But if you want to experiment for the purpose of actually learning so have it clear in your mind that your intention is to learn this through your own experiences. If that’s something that interests you, then you can do that you can for example, go into the shower, put it on cold. So, you know something is discomfortable and I know that people have different techniques with cold showers, I tried the Wim Hof Method, but my method was different to the Wim Hof Method. It was so you have a warm shower, I have a comfortable shower and then at the end of it, you turn on to cold like you full blast yourself with that cold. And you just sit through it. As the resistance comes up, you let it go. So as it comes up, you let it go and you allow yourself to experience whatever is being experienced. And you will notice that this is a really easy way to sit through cold showers. Because you can just disappear it out. You can disappear it you can actually be with sensations as they are and you you just weren’t feel the cold anymore. You’ll just you’ll just be focused on the sensations and this kind of extreme the benefit of it is that you forces you your feet really forces you to focus onto the sensations. And there’s really not much room for going into imagination and stuff. Because if you do that, you’re going to notice it gonna start to feel the cold, it’s gonna be freezing and uncomfortable. So it’s really, it’s a way to force yourself to focus on the sensation. And it can be really helpful in building that intuitive understanding. Okay, so cold showers is one way to do that. Again, you focus on the sensations. And when you focus on sensations and you allow them to be as they are, you let go of your resistance to them. And you’re just willing to sit with things as they are happily, and you don’t mind either way, so you don’t mind how they go, then they disappear. Another way to do that for the people who are not into that. Totally cool, right? Do whatever you’re into and the other thing you can do is sneezes and coughs and pitches. This is a really easy way to do it. Rather than itching your When you get an edge, except that except that edge, first of all, stop labeling it edge, stop labeling an edge, accept it as it is accepted as it is. And just be with it. Just be with it, and let it ride, ride out the experience. Let it come let it guard, they’ll come, it’ll guard. If you just leave it alone, it’ll come, it’ll go. You’ll see this same with a sneeze, sneeze a bit more, requires more focus. When their sensations for sneeze Enos come up. If you stop resisting them and you allow them to be there, they’re going to disappear really fast. As soon as you resist them, they’re going to come up and they’re going to turn into a sneeze. So this is a really good way I like to practice right and i still sneeze I still knees. And it’s a great way to practice. It’s a great way to practice. Another way is coughs so like I said I had a cough recently that I’m recovering from that’s pretty much gone now at this point. But anyway, they would be like this very uncomfortable sensation in about, can see about here, about here. Um, if I resist it would be really uncomfortable and then be like a sensation that would come up and a cough would want to come up. If I let things be, there’d be no resistance, I’d actually disappear it, I wouldn’t even experience it. So again, whilst we can’t control we experience we can’t control how we experience them. We can control our willingness to experience what we are experiencing. And again, do a next lesson on this, but these things that are coming up are already there and denying it that they’re, they’re resisting it. It’s just a nine month event. That’s all it is. It’s kind of like an immature child be like No, I don’t want you there. But it is there. Oh, okay. So just be with it. Ah, okay. Anyway, going to the next lesson. For that, so see you then.