How to Workout on the Treadmill

Check. So it has to be plugged into the wall, you’re gonna move in, plug it in, and the treadmill will turn on and off with these buttons, this is an off and after you finished using you should turn it off. So we turn it on here, Sarah. So then you can see this is a start button. So I’m just going to press the start button. It’s on manual mode, perfect speed, increase here, speed decrease here, incline increase here and here. Okay, so I’m gonna have to give some speed now after I turn it on. And you get the three beeps so the bat is going so as I was showing to you, you can just get used to this little bad thing. We do one foot and the other And then you walk heel to toe. Okay, you walk in, you’re not supposed to be like this is supposed to come here and be here up in the front, right. So then you get to number four which is 40 kilometers an hour, which is right now is a pretty comfortable speed to work between four and five the human body feels that you need to run. You can also increase the speed here at your hands and decrease and the incline here and decrease the incline both of the places. Okay, so once you get comfortable and you’re not wobbling anymore, and you can get one hand off and then if you are getting comfortable enough, you want to give it a shot. To do both hands, that we walk, we walk, the opposite can comes off Always forward, softer sipan of the Scilab Okay, so once you are comfortable and you should walk about one to three minutes, then we can start going over here and increase the speed. So we can increase the speed and you can see here, this is a 400 meter track and this is where we are right now. Even one point 34 seconds. Okay. This is our speed 4.3 kilometers okay. And here we go. So, I’m increasing here, the speed 5.76. Or if I want it to go up past quick speed, I just press six and it goes through that. Now I’m still walking when my body feels that I want to run so I can run on the surface. Okay, so I will apply Do you run a little bit and then you come back, you press four, and then you walk. Okay, so you run up to one minute, one and a half if you can. And then you come back and walk about one minute, one to two minutes. If you just want to feel comfortable and just walk, you can also do that and you can be sure to stay walking, you can give yourself a little more. He says the increase is going to be in the incline. And this is elevating up, coming up nice and slowly. As you can probably see, now, I can feel it, it’s much harder now. And when you are running on a faster speed online, you should elevate the web. It will help you. Okay. So basically, this is how I play with it. Make sure that you’re using your breath or your ceiling as your guide. If you are getting to feel out of breath, then it’s time to come down to a lower speed or get the incline down. Okay, until you feel that you can go again, that is for the so called interval training. So basically that’s it. So you continue this and you’re about 15 to 20 minutes. And the last three, four minutes can come down to zero, you come down with your speed. Again, you can come down slower and you basically just cool your body down. And once it is done, then you press the stop button and Done. And then remember to stretch your calves. So in this way, okay. Very important. Stretch this way. And then you come stretch your quadriceps. Also on the other side, this way, bring your leg up somewhere, stretch your hamstring, both sides and then this way and one more this way. And then because it’s a lot of impact on the spine, we’ll also do this as a stretch. And then again, this was a stretch and then you sit back You’re here. And then you are finished. And you’re ready to go for your shower. Thank you and I’m wishing your best of luck, good awareness, good mindfulness, and get strong and get healthy. You go supertech