How to Warm up Before Using the Treadmill

So the warmup is very easily done. Okay, you find any object first and just put your leg up here. Just by putting your legs here, your hamstring is going to start relaxing, you’re warming up and rebell for the stretch gonna be even deeper. This is one stretch you must do before you go on a treadmill. The second way is to prepare your quadriceps which is the front of your thigh. Is this if you need to hold on to something to the wall, you can then again you wanting this stretches up to 10 seconds even. Okay, so this is hydroxide and waters and the next stretches you can use the side of the treadmill. You push your heel down and this this is stretching and repairing your calves. Okay, and of course you do all of those to the opposite side as you do both here as well. And then one more is for them to somewhere to chill, I go cross, sit down and press your knee down and this is going to prepare your, your gluteus muscle in your buttocks. Okay, so these are the master two stretches before the treadmill. Thank you.