How to Warm up Before Exercise

So the other warm up which is properly a warm up to do your full body workout is basically looks like this. I’m going to show you the sun salutation which is coming from yoga. And you’re using your nose breathing here as you inhale and exhale, you go forward. Even if you keep your knee bend is fine, even if you come here is fun, and just keep handing them. Then you straighten your back as you inhale. And then as you exhale, push up position you all this is greatly warming up your entire body. So just hold and make sure your bodyweight is on the palm of your hand here. Okay, so just hold this for like five to 10 seconds. You’re either going to drop your knee down, and welcome Michelle in anyone oppress your upper body as Extra front of your body, holding your abs in tight, your shoulder should not look like this, your shoulder should come like like this. Good. And those of you who are in a stroke, you can go down with a flu shot. And then you press your upper body. So from here, either with your knees on the ground, do a push up, come up on your knees, come up on your or four, keep pressing back and you will feel the entire back of your leg, your back, your shoulder stretching. You step forward with your right leg. Look up. your left leg is turned right and this way. Wonderful stretch to prepare your body is keep reaching up and breathing. Then begin here. And as you exhale, you go back to the shop position. You again drop on your knees are up on your foot for them to push up. President Obama stretching in the front of your mind demanding arm and you come up and stretch the back of the body. Take a few deep breaths through my nose, come forward with your left guard. look up to the sky. Again, reach up, we going back into sharp position again, again, either on your knees or on your foot, and we’re doing the Cobra position or the object position. Good. And then again, depending you’re coming back and resting up into Mountain Pose, and then involve yourself up, sit down, bring your arm up and be done with this. You take your arm concept forward and you bring the arms across Stretching this side of your shoulder, very important to prepare and then same to the opposite side. And then you find yourself a wall or a door in your arms here and you turn out this shoulder a little bit higher and the Empire chest is stretching so you keep turning your body away and stretching your chest muscle. Good and settling the opposite side. And as you turn Institute are very important because you guys sleep a lot and this front of your chest muscle is all get very cramped up. Very good. So basically, one more stretch to lift up your hands like this. And if you will, and if you can bring up your head in this way. This is your triceps the other night And then thank you