How to Strengthen the Upper Back With Dumbbells

So I like to show you something maybe for girls to two kilos or you can use a water bottle is you come up on your knees, you lie down and it’s easier on your thigh and you raise the dumbbells off to the side. Now this is with the straight arm 20 times, if this is done from here, you’re easing up on letter V. At the, again 20 times, if you are a beginner, you can start with a water bottle. So a half a half kilos and in the water bottle, you can send one kilo and then graduate to the two kilo and I think these two exercise No need one, two kilos, keep the 20 reps excellent for your postures, it will happen to stay upright. Excellent into that if you are here, okay. You can also do rowing and this is for girls can do the machine. Excellent. Also for your posture and your upper back. Excellent. So exhale as you exhale, and inhale back. Exhale, back. Okay, thank you.