How to Strengthen the Upper Back – Wide Front Rowing

So now you’re ready to work out the first rule which I like to show you is the poor dead white Freudian. We are going to pull the body off the chest we see there like so. You’re just a wait for yourselves you can do about 20 sit properly and you better be more dangerous inside. And as you break your arm down your elbow about 90 degrees, which you can bring all the way down is wonderful. And slowly come back sooner count one and two, and one, two, and three bet you pinching your shoulder blades one and two and the bad they are and one, two and three that tsunami exhaling and inhaling. Exhaling theory and matrix gone to This because basically it has nothing to do with your exercise has to do now so stay stable and cool. Okay, so this exercise or just the weight over here. So you can do about 20 as you exhausted 20 this is finished So start with this. And these exercises keep this for this 20 counts for about two months before you go out for heavier. Thank you