How to Strengthen the Upper Back – Rowing

So let me show you rowing. I’m very much fond of rowing because everybody’s since they have bad postures sent in the floor, use this for us. And basically you simply will sit in the boat and not many of us have on the bottom and this is how music will look like. So the first reason you want to have to beat your shoulder blades and pool, right, so you can present yourself a little bit further back. Exhale, and inhale. Exhale, and inhale. excellent exercise for your posture. Will back come to the back and show my backpack looks like some pinching his shoulder blades. That’s the most important part. you pinch and pull and slowly back pain and will and slowly back so you exhale and in All the way back so one and 212 and three was the icing control. Okay, so we put it back and then we done