How to Strengthen the Shoulders

Welcome to the dumbbells dumbbells are great because they are free weights and we’re going to use it for shoulders. So in between one of the exercises on the machine, my number three and number four, you can insert the shoulders or you can just start which I prefer. So that’s number one exercise, you bend journey, you stay upright, and you lift up the arm to the side as you exhale and back. Exhale and inhale on the counter shoulder height again. So if you go all the way Hi, this area no muscle work, so no reason to lift them. So lifting to this and back 1212 and 31212 and three, this will give you a nice shape shoulder now has one more for the back of the arm. So you start with moving your Taking your arm in the shoulder John’s not this way. But staying upright and turning this way. So four diagonal lines with your little finger reading at 45 degrees out. Again, you have 20 times. This is a back to back exercise the first two that we that this raises. This is a two killer weight more than sufficient now for the shoulder exercises. And any one of you who is squats, you start to introduce the weights within two kilos, and then you raise up to three kilos, four kilos, five kilos. And so this is the data is anonymous. Thank you