How to Strengthen the Chest, Chest Press – Using Exercise Machine

So this is exercise number one, which I suggest you to start with, and then you can move over to the chest, you can adjust the weight. So you can hold this machine in three different ways this way, this way, or this way. Okay, let’s show from the side. So this way it is enclosed in or this way, just like that. And this way, it’s all working. I promise all your chest muscles. Most of you guys, this is the muscle which is working. So keep it light on the one plate, I believe is just good enough to start with and work up to 20 if you can, as an alternative, this is bothering you and I’m not really suggesting this. I’m much better suggested to do push Either on your knees, push ups on your knees or up on your toes. Okay? This would be much more fun exercise as Jeff suggested before the chest