How to Start a Walking Program and Progress Into Jogging

Hello Dr. Zsu here, and we are truly gonna explore your freedom and independence once you start working out outdoors. So this is how you get started with your cardio training, you get a good 30 to 45 minutes, walk a day in the park or anywhere where you can see some green. Even it can be if you have a beach or anywhere you have a little forest or anywhere on the footpath or you just be outdoors. So get started, walk all the way pave your circuits where you know you’re going to have your circuits or where you’re going to be walking. It’s great. Your progression is that after a week or two or three, your weight is coming down body is getting stronger. You’re doing all your exercises with the walk, you’re strengthening exercises. So you might find that you are ready to jog a little bit. That means them Little bit of a faster pace. So that means that within your circuit, you have one quarter of that amount of distance you will spend with jogging or rest of the time you will spend continuously with walking until you’re 45 minutes is gone again. And then your next progression is that you’re going to build in two jogging segments into this circuit. So you’re going to jog and walk and jog and walk. Of course, if you cannot make the full distance because it’s too hard, you can make less of it. Walk more, please refer to the RP scale here. So what does it mean to listen to your body’s exertion and intensity of how hard you are working out. So basically, you are alternating are walking and jogging in a few weeks down the road. Once you are ready, you will be able to jog three quarters of way and then walk on the one quarter. And anytime as you feel you can alternate this jog and walk as you feel. And as you keep this up for a few weeks, your motivation strength everything is growing and progressing you are getting stronger. And then what happens is you arrive into able to jog all the way through one circuits. So now you may start alternating jogging one circuit, walking a little bit. jogging two circuits is it’s up to you of how you feel and then you keep progressing with this. And of course remember to warm up and cool down before all these exercises