How to Make a Positive Difference: Introduction

Hello, I’m Neil Thompson, I’m pleased to be able to welcome you to this course on making a difference. Now, throughout my career, a major focus of what I’ve been doing a recurring theme has been trying to make a difference helping people to move in a positive direction. And what this boils down to is influencing skills. You can’t make people do things unless they want to. So what it’s about is how do we influence people in a positive direction. That’s what I mean by making a difference. We help them to achieve whatever it is that they set out to do. And of course, in helping them, that helps us that helps us in our career, it helps us to get personal satisfaction, it helps us to do a good job in whatever we’re doing. So that’s what influencing skills are all about. It’s about using these to make a difference. Now, what the course does is to clarify what we mean by influencing skills, and offers you an introduction to some examples of this. I’ve built the course around a six part framework called Getting closer, with closer spelling out each of the six elements, CL o FC are the six elements of what I see as being crucial to making a difference to being able to influence people in a positive direction. Now, I have to emphasize that this is an introductory course there is so much more we could say around making a difference and influencing skills is a huge topic. But hopefully, what this course offers is enough to get you started, get you thinking about the issues, give you a helpful framework to work to give you the confidence and the motivation to carry on learning to build on the skills you’ve already got to take your knowledge further, and so on to take your understanding and your ability to a higher level. So that’s it in a nutshell. That’s what the course is all about. hope you’ll enjoy it and feel it’s worthwhile. So when you’re ready, make a start with lesson one. Thank you