How to Make a Positive Difference: Conclusion

So congratulations on getting to the end of the course, what I’ve emphasized is that making a difference is about influencing skills. It’s not about wanting things to happen just by magic, but trying to make sure that we make them happen by using the skills that we can develop in terms of helping people move in a positive direction. It’s not about exploiting people, which means getting what we want at their expense. It’s about working together so that we can benefit other people and benefit ourselves into in the process. So that’s what making the difference is all about. influencing skills. Hope you found the course useful, I hope you’ll continue to learn because of course, this is very much an introductory course there’s so much that we could say about influencing skills. It really is a huge topic. So thank you for all your time, effort, energy, hope you feel it’s been worth it. And good luck in building on the ideas that you will hopefully got from this course. Thank you very much.