How to Get the Most Out of This Course

Before we go any further in the class, I want to answer a question, how can you get the most out of this online class experience? Well, something that I think a lot about is our experience in college and in school. In school, they teach us information. So we could memorize it, and then write it on a piece of paper called a test. And then we forget it. Who knows? A few minutes, a few hours, few days, few weeks after the test, it’s completely gone. And what I realized is I thought about a lot of the people that we look up to whether it’s Michael Jordan, now he could dribble down the basketball court and make a game winning shot at the buzzer, or Oprah how she could interview people with such amazing questions and make them so comfortable or or Warren Buffett, who is able to have so much success in the investing game. And I thought about it, did Michael Jordan become a great basketball player because he memorized a few basketball rules? Did Oprah become a great interviewer? Because she memorized a few interviewing questions. And did Warren Buffett become a Great Investor? Because he memorized 1000 investing rules? And I realized No, the answer is obviously not. And that learning isn’t memorizing you see we in this myth that if we just collect all of this information, then our life will suddenly change. But what we need instead is a new way of looking at learning what I call insider learning, or re also called ingraining. Base learning. And what that means is you don’t want to just take in all this information, the goal is for the information to become part of who you are, right? When Michael Jordan is dribbling down the basketball court, it’s not because of information he’s collected, it’s because whatever he’s learned, has become who he is. And that’s the goal with this class. Everything you learn is designed to help it become part of who you are. But in order to do that, there are a few things that will help you get the most out of it. First thing that I want you to do is this, see there was a Roman order by the name of Cicero. And what he said is that we have two types of memory we have memory for words in memory for concepts. memory for words, is when we try to memorize something word for word memory for concepts, and we just take the concept, make it our own and really understand it. And he said that our memory for words is horrible. But our memory for concepts is fantastic. What that means is if you just go through this and take my words, and try to memorize it and take it in passively, it probably won’t stick with you very much. But if you did something else, instead, if you pause the videos, or after each video, if you stopped and said, Okay, what did I learn, let me say it in my own words, let me make it my own concept, then it’s a lot more likely for it to become part of who you are. The second thing that I want you to do to get the most out of this class is do the exercises. Everything in this class is a company with an exercise with a cheat sheet with something for you to do to immediately to get a result. But it’s up to you to actually do it, right. So I encourage you to do the exercises, whenever we finish the video, there’s something for you to do, pause the video and do it or if you prefer, go through the whole course. But then come back and make sure you do the exercises. And third thing that I want you to do is come back to this course again and again, go through this class, whenever you feel like it’s time for you to take your procrastination and getting over it to the next level. But I’m going to guide you through the exercises in every time you go through it, you’re going to get more out of it. The thing is that, for me, the way that I go about my learning is identifying the things that really make an impact to me the things that really matter. And then revisit those things again and again and again. So they become part of who I am. So someone can see me and say, Wow, you’re a walking, breathing, living example of that book, or of that course, or of that information. And that’s my goal for you in this class. Don’t just take it and make it something that you go through once and say okay, this is it. But make it something that you come back to again and again and again and familiarize yourself with the concepts the things we learn. Make it part of your everyday life so that somebody sees you who is also walks this class, and they say Wow, you are a walking, breathing, living example of beating procrastination.