How to Flex Your Thinking: Five Thinking Modes

Tips inspired by the book, “Powerhouse: Turbo Boost Your Effectiveness and Start Making a Serious Impact” by Mike Clayton.

How to flex your thinking like a powerhouse when you think you don’t just think you use one of many different thinking modes. And the mode that you choose will very often dictate the quality of the results you get. So to think like a powerhouse, you need to be able to use and choose from five different thinking modes. Click mode is all about efficiency. Click mode is the mode of thinking that we use most often. Some would say as much as 90% of the time, we’re able to make instant choices instant decisions based on a rapid assessment of the state. situation, it enables us to function effectively and efficiently in the world. The problem is, sometimes the information is flawed. Sometimes the logic we use to come up with a click mode solution isn’t well suited to the situation. That’s when we need to be able to use bubble mode. Bubble mode is a lot more deliberate, it is a lot less efficient. But bubble mode is where we allow ourselves to properly evaluate the situation to take time to consider to rationally decide whether the rules that we have learned through our lives and our experiences are relevant. And if not, let’s develop a new solution. hardmode is the mode that continues all the time. It goes on in background. It’s the mode that hums along looking after Keeping our heart beating, keeping us breathing, regulating our appetite, and all of that. But it’s also hum mode that can instantly respond. If something dangerous happens. It’s our fight and flight reflex hum mode keeps us alive. But if hum mode is allowed to hijack our responses at times of crisis, it means the bubble and even click can’t get a looking. sigh is about insight. Like hum. It goes on all the time when we’re awake and when we’re asleep. It’s our mental processing that goes on in background. psi is responsible for solving difficult, complex problems. When you wake up and have a shower and suddenly get the answer to that problem that’s been nagging away at you for weeks. It’s the result of sigh working in the background. sigh is responsible for your profession. This insights and finally there squeak mode squeak is responsible for empathy. squeak is your ability to understand and relate to other people to read their minds and their intentions from their body language and their facial expressions. It’s squeak will allows us to take other people’s needs into account. Because we feel for them. powerhouse is able to deploy all five thinking modes. Click for rapid decisions bubble for accurate rigorous evaluations harm, instant response to dangerous situations and for keeping us alive. Sorry for letting things develop, in our minds, solving problems over the long term and squeak for empathizing with getting on with people. Click bubble sign squeak five powerhouse thinking loads