How to Build Your Workout in the Gym

So now I showed you how to use all these, all the parts of the machine soon. And I also showed you exactly in the order, which I’m suggesting for you to do. So if you go through one set one after another, so you do want exercise, you go to the next, the next the next and you go one more time. Okay, so that would be one workout. Once you’ve done your warmup. This is your workout session, and you supposed to do a little cooldown session, which is exactly same as the warmup session, a little stretches, which I showed you before. And once we have the ball here, I’m going to show you some more stretches. Now, it is important, how many times a week should you do that? If you do these two sets, two times a week, is just enough, two times a week 20 each two times. That’s just enough. And then the cardio Use the treadmill and then we talked about that in another video. Thank you