Hold Attention

Tips inspired by the book, “How to Speak so People Listen: Grab Their Attention and Get Your Message Heard” by Mike Clayton.

How to speak. So people listen. One Minute Tips, people will listen when you hold their attention. And the first stage in holding their attention is making sure that they know what you’re going to speak about. You can do this in four simple stages. Firstly, give them an idea of what the context is. Then set out the aim of what you’re going to say. Next, make sure they know the benefit of listening to you. And finally, give them a simple itinerary. Set out what you’re going to say in the sequence you’re going to say it and to remember these four steps, context, a benefit and itinerary. Just remember to open the speaker’s filing cabinet. And when you’ve done that, there are three further things to pay attention to. Firstly, make sure that what you say is trustworthy. While you’re saying is trustworthy. The people will continue to listen. But as soon as trust breaks down, that’s when they want to walk away. Secondly, make sure that what you say is fresh, new, innovative. Make sure that what you’re telling them is something that they didn’t already know. And finally, speak in a direct manner. Because if people are going to listen to you, they want to understand what you’re saying. Fresh, direct, trustworthy, and opening the speaker’s filing cabinet before you start. That will hold people’s attention that will make people listen to you