Helping Willingness Arise

Hello again. So, like I said, a way to bring us the willingness to be with things as they are, is to recognize that they already are that way. They already are that way. And it’s actually the inner child within us. That’s like, I don’t want things to be that way. But they are that way. So we’re just allowing things to be as they are, we’re just kind of being an adult, that’s our adult saying, Okay, these things are that way. You know, these are the some of the things that we can control. Let’s just let them be as they are. And let’s not suffer about it. As control, we can focus on what we can control, which is our willingness to be with things that are already there. You understand? So these things that I experienced, they’re already there, and a good way to see it is that they were bound to come up. So bringing up that bottle, all that things that we experienced is a good way to put All the things that we experience have been bottled up. And and now, when we’re experiencing them, that’s the point where they coming up to be released or to be pushed back down again, I mean sound choice. So these things that are coming up, and they’re coming up from within us, because I don’t know that’s the point where the pressure is so that it pushes it up to the surface of our conscious awareness to be released forever. So all this stuff that’s coming up, we can say it is bound to come up at one point or another, whatever we’re experiencing, is bound to come up. So why not release that now? We know this way, this technique of just letting things be as they are just focusing on nice sensations of ignoring imagination, and just focusing on pure raw sensations, and just willingly riding out for sensations. Why not that we know this technique? Why not really Now and let it all go out now, so that we don’t have to deal with this particular one again. And then we’ll become more and more willing and be able to until the point where we just have the bottle off. We just live out live. And we don’t like this stuff’s coming up, coming out, coming out coming out. And we don’t, it doesn’t bother us well bit, whatever comes up and comes up with fine with them, we’re at that point of acceptance of what is. So that’s what it is. That’s the ideal game. That’s the ideal that we can hold ourselves to in this course, is to be at that point of acceptance that we willingly accept whatever is experienced, happily, happily, and gratefully, gratefully, this is a key point. If we see it as bound to come up, it’s easier to be grateful about it. If we see it as like outside of ourselves. Something forced on us that’s outside ourselves. It’s hard to be grateful about that. I mean, how do you be grateful now that so it’s in the way we see things And see bound to come up is actually a live with truth outside of ourselves being forced on us is is an illusion has nothing to do with with reality. So if we see things in alignment with truth, and in this case that everything we’re experiencing has been bottled up in us. And it’s now just coming up out of the accumulated pressure to be released forever. If we see it that way that we’re like, Wow, well, I can actually be grateful Thank you for coming up now to be released, that I can release you that I can release this part of me that is no longer serving me. I can release it forever. Happily, thank you very much for this wonderful growth opportunity. And we can actually get to a point where if it’s something difficult for us, we can still be grateful because we can be grateful for anything right. We can be grateful for the cultivation of patience. We can say Wow, thank you for this experience. It is so painful. It is There’s so much resistance to it. This is an incredible opportunity to cultivate patience within myself to to let go of my willfulness to let go of my exertion of effort. And just effortlessly be with things as they are to just be at ease with everything become in a piece, let everything be as it is. Really ride that crest of the moment and let things go just as their eyes thank you for this wonderful opportunity to master this beautiful art of letting things be of doing nothing about anything of just being joyfully happy about whatever no matter what is being experienced, no matter my, my circumstances. So you see, it’s really the keys in our attitudes. It really isn’t our attitudes. And it isn’t our willingness, not willfulness. So that is a point to clarify for this lesson. willingness is different to willfulness. willfulness, will power also, this is a form of resistance. Because you’re saying, Ah, I’m going to change things from how they are now. Is that what willpower is saying? No, I’m going to change things because I’m not good enough. Now, this thing isn’t good enough, I’m going to change things. I’m going to resist how it is now and exert my own will upon it. And that’s different to a willingness, which is I accept how things are now. And willingly. Let go try to change it. And then that willingness brings about a spontaneous change that doesn’t come from willpower. And that’s the difference. And that’s actually how things work. And that’s how you disappear stress and absolutely any negative emotion that arises forever. And so in this way, you’ll be able to deal with anything that life throws at you anything you can sit through terror, right can sit through terror the other day. I had some terror come up. That’s fine. I was happy. I was happy. No. Why? Because there’s this terror from within me. This terror within me that was coming up. It was coming up at that point it was accumulated, okay. And I just willingly released it. And it was Gone in Seconds. It was Gone in Seconds. I only remembered it like the next day when I’m like, Oh, yeah, I had some tear come up during the night. So it was wonderful. Wonderful. I love these things. So fun. I hope this helps in building the familiarity and having that recognition aha moment. And I hope you have some methods by which to try and practice this for yourself. And I invite you just play around. Please continue to play around this is for your own benefit. Play around the way is not to just Yes, listening is awesome. Listening is awesome. But play around with at the same time because when you play around and listen, then you can build that intuitive understanding even faster, even faster. Okay, so I’ll see you in the next lesson.