Health Centered Mindset for Exercise

Hello, this is Dr. Zsu and I would like to speak to you today here about why should you move? Why is it going to give you freedom and independence? So we’re gonna talk about a little bit of a mindset thing is over here in this part. So, do you need any specific place to move? Or can you exercise at home or anywhere? Absolutely. So, we will look at this of exercise Why should you exercise what type of exercise is good for you? And for who is good what and how shall you exercise outdoor home gym or formally? So, why do we need to exercise why because we got a little bit of our automatisation in our lives, which are the generating or body we have spend more time sitting and entertaining ourselves and we do less of our habitual activities so we get hurt out of those because our muscles Strength is less so just by picking up a suitcase of jump over a puddle, you can get hurt. So you can get fitness clubs with traditional exercises to lose weight, then you have recreational sports where you can do all sorts of footballs and badminton. And if you get hurt, basically you can go to the doctor or you go physical therapy. Now, the question is, why do we need to wait until this illness or injury happens, why you can prevent it. So let’s build the prevention mindset. That means that you want to do better, you want to stay stronger, and you want to stop the clock of the aging to do so. And that means that you developed our health focused lifestyle, on mindset, which where you bring health to the highest value, and that means when you do that, it will be very simply choosing for you what exercises you do, what behaviors you do, what kind of activities you Get involved in what do you eat? And what are you doing? Who are you spending your time with? Now, so you have to have the vision of their health, willingness to do health and actually doing it and doing the exercise as well as putting a little bit of a nutritional aspects to it. And you have to make this priority and otherwise everything else will work on its own, you will see once you take care of your own self, so you gotta cook your own food, kinda take care of your food and exercise, do your cardio, and any kind of cardio what you choose you like. Now let’s begin with our exercise. And you know that the first step is the hardest, but the body in motion stays in motion. So all what you have to do is just get started with the first step. So let’s look at what exercise is the best for you. First of all, is you got to enjoy that type of exercise. You got to start slow You can prepare your body so your your yoga is excellent to start and little bit of cardio 30 minutes a day if you build it on on the top of that and start being more active during the day use the stairs park your car further do housework, wash your car play with the kids monal on they are all excellent activities. Now what exercise do exactly for health so it will work your metabolic fitness will have your cholesterol blood lipids your blood sugar, insulin blood pressure, we work on your heart, lungs and blood vessels. So simply Your heart will be working more efficiently that happens even that your your heart in one pump will give out more blood therefore your heart rate may just come down and it will bill you muscle strength muscle toning shapes your body you will have more muscle so you will be stronger and you will be more agile and stronger and easier to get through your day. activities. Now your metabolic fitness training is a low intensity training that means 45 to 60 minutes a day. And every day you bike walk, jog, run dense, whichever you like, for that matter. So training for cardiorespiratory fitness, it’s more working on your heart once you lost your weight, you can switch into your own routine or once you became a little bit more off from beginner status, so you can choose different cardio exercises, a treadmill, the bike, elliptical trainer, Stairmaster walk outside growing whatever you do 3030 minutes four or five times a week, that is in the moderate intensity. So the intensity is that you can talk but you cannot sing. So we will be discussing on the RP scale, please look at the description of this, of this session here. Thank you