11. Health and Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny Jones. Today I want to talk about the relationship between the suffering state of the mind and disease. I want to bring your awareness to the fact that by addressing the suffering states of the mind, you can help the body to cure all forms of disease. To begin, let us understand about the physical body. The physical body is always in the process of healing itself. That is how it’s divinely designed for survival. So if you cut yourself, you will heal with time. If you ate something ahead and get a sore stomach will heal. If you catch a flu, it will heal. So the body is always healing. Which brings us to the question why are some diseases seemingly incurable, like cancer, like the ruqyah. Like there are many disease that were born with that are seemingly incurable. So the reason limi slowly tell you. So the mentality these days, when we address the disease is to address the symptoms, we often just go to the doctors to get medicine. And when we just take the medicine, we’re only addressing the surface of the disease, the symptoms. This is much like if this weight floor we’re only addressing it by wiping your dry, but we’re not examining where the water came from. We’re not examining the cause of the problem, which is the temp or the broken pipes inside and Using an example in the context of life, it’s much like if you have a painful wrist for a number of years, by using massage techniques or appointments, you’re only addressing the surface problem without addressing the way that you live. The way that you use your wrists. The way that you type on the keyboard, when you play computer games, the problem will keep coming back. It’s much like when you catch your finger, if you keep cutting it will never heal. So it’s important to work with the body rather than against it. Because this is how you can cure yourself of forms of problems. Now, I’m not saying that medicine is bad All I’m saying is that when we address a problem, we should not just address the surface, we need to address it wholly. That is why it’s really important to work with a body so that it can heal itself wholly. Now, a lot of us do not really know what we’re doing that is going against the body because we all do different things in life. And I can’t examine all of your lives, but what I can say is the most stressful thing that we can do to our body as to react negatively. You see this a relationship between stress and the mind and disease, because any stress in the mind will be reflected as stress in the body and that will appear the immune system in a very detrimental way. So every time you experience negative reaction Every time you experience fear, every time you allow yourself to dwell on negativity you are going against the body. So that is a reason why a lot of our disease is not healing, because we’re reacting negatively, again and again every day and that is going against a body. On my journey of addressing my suffering states of the mind, I realized the relationship between disease and the mind, because I used to have all sorts of disease. I had stomach problems. I had verruca that. never went away. I even went west like, took about five years to fully address it. I even went to surgery but didn’t work. I also had allergies, you know, things like that. My dad was a herbal doctor. So every day I would eat his medicine but nothing Worked I trained me wisdom meters and nothing worked. It was only when I addressed my mind when I address my lifestyle. And I have to say that diet also plays a large part and cute and helping the body and assisting the body to cure disease, but verruca in particular, it only disappeared after I addressed the issue of the mind. So it’s really important to work with the body so you can look in your lives to see what things you can do to assist the body to heal, and what things you’re doing that is going against the body. So in summary, there’s a strong relationship between mind and disease. When you enter suffering states of mind, when you’re negatively reacting, you’re creating a lot of stress on the body. And I don’t want to go into this in detail but Negative ideas suffering states of mind can actually cause particular disease to form on particular parts of the body. Because there’s a correlation between different emotions in different parts of the body. But anyways, the point here is if you address the negative ideas, you will improve your health. So as long as you work on your suffering state of the mind, you are improving your health. So look for ways to work with the body rather than against it. Keep on transforming your suffering states of mind. That is how you will become healthier and healthier every day.