Having An Open Mind On The Journey Of Self-Transformation

Now on the journey of developing self acceptance, there will be two types of people who will find the journey difficult, and they will struggle to make progress. Now, one type of these people are the people who believe that they don’t reject themselves for other people on. They just don’t reject anything that is no work that needs to be done inside. But realize this, as long as you can experience unhappiness, or negativity of any kind, for instance, fear, it means that there are unresolved issues of self rejection waiting to be discovered, waiting to be addressed inside. So it’s more of a matter of not being aware of the work that needs to be done with them. And that’s normal. Not to be Aware because the mind is so complex, there are hidden negativities inside waiting to be discovered. And usually we don’t experience suffering until a life experience comes along. It brings it out of us. For instance, issues to do with self confidence, usually not brought out into light until we’re faced with a situation for instance speaking in front of an audience. So, life experiences are valuable because they bring out hidden negativities out into the light. So, within the mind, there are many negativities many issues of self rejection waiting to be discovered, waiting to be transformed inside. Now the other type of people who will struggle on the journey of developing self acceptance as a type of people who will not see the importance Developing self acceptance. Now when we try a new technique Well, when we listen to a new belief, it is really important to have an open mind so we can actually try it. And it’s after trying that we decide whether or not it is good for us or not. So we do not judge something first. And because that will take away the opportunity to learn something new, something better, something that can be to ourselves. Developing self acceptance will surely transform your mind. Because then you will experience greater happiness. You will experience your fears disappearing, you will experience your limitations being released. your creativity grow, grows with the with self acceptance. It’s a very spiritual journey, a very enlightening journey. But if we never allow ourselves to the valid self acceptance, we will never know how much we’re missing out. So on the journey of self transformation, it’s always important to have an open mind. So we can take a new beliefs, we can assess it, to see if it’s good for us or not. Because without doing so, we will never change we will just stay the same.