Hands-on With a Few Pillows in a Chiropractic Clinic

So I’m at the office today in San Francisco Rincon chiropractic, I want to show you a couple of these pillows that we keep in stock here. This first one is called the Cairo flow pillow Cairo flow professional. This is the water pillow that I showed in another video. And so it kind of shows you some of the claims they make restore your energy, reduce neck pain, soothe your daily stresses. And I guess that’s some of the things that pillows can do because they’re supposed to provide support for you throughout the night. And if it doesn’t provide support, then it will SAP your energy and give you a neck pain and cause more stress because sleep is so important. And of course the pain that you have in the in the during the day isn’t important to keep that under control to. Here’s a cutaway of the water design. Water base. So you’ve got the lofty material thermal insulator, and the water pouch. Here is the spout that you use to put water into it that that’s going to screw into the water pouch, which is right here. So if you want to make it thicker, you can add more water or if you need a thinner you can take water away. It’s still in the packet that I want to take it out. But that’s the Cairo flow. And there’s a couple of studies out there that show that it provides relief, some benefits. But again, it’s got to be about the stability, it’s got to stabilize your neck throughout throughout the night. So it’s a support, not just the pillow that you know, first impressions is really soft. So if you love if you want a soft pillow that is soft on the outside, that you can make it firmer with adding more water. Here’s these are not pillows, these are disks that you can sit on and we have Some custom made covers that go over them. Some of these lacrosse balls for rolling out muscles we got biofreeze Yoga straps infomax and T relief, pain gel and neck hammock, cervical hammock. Some of these rollers proper roller and he said it’s like a foam roller but just wide enough for your back. your spine can go in there without causing too much pressure. Got some more products. This is our other pillow that we carry the proper pillow. Let’s pull that out and take a look at it. I don’t want to take it out of package either because I’m doing this handheld but it’s it’s a nice premium pillow. This reminds me of some of the pillows that they have at seat number store where you might pay like 80 bucks for a pillow but this pillow has removable layer To help guide your support, it’s also got that the neck cradle so your neck can go over here, and your head sits in here. So you’ve got this divot for your head, while it cradles your neck and it’s kind of like that the core pillar that I like, where it really provides some support. That’s the proper pillow. Let me show you some of the claims they make. I’m not sure how, how accurate they are here, this is the brochure. On the other side, they show how a pillow can correct the curve and your neck. So this is you up right. Your neck should have a curve like that. For mobility plus stability, but with an upper cross syndrome or text neck or bad posture in general, your your neck curve can go forward like that and reverses your curve or straight into that which is not good. It’s always best to have an ideal curve. But they say that with a bolster underneath your neck, like what that pillar does, it’s going to curve the curve back in there. And that’s that’s the ideal stability. I’m not sure if it’s going to change your curve much day to day. But those are some of the claims they make. So that’s proper pillow. Oh, you can see that they have the rolls in there. So if you really want a lot of neck support, get one with the rolls. Actually, I don’t think this pillow that we carry has those rolls in there. I think it’s just like a flat insert. I’ll take you over to this poster that we have over here. kind of shows the same thing. 25 year old male lying on a standard polyester fiberfill pillow. cervical curve is reversed as always there. The normal curve is Showing how the neck is supported. And it keeps the cervical lordosis. So that’s ideal. So if we’re to believe them that’s using their pillow. And it shows how important the support is. Now I’m guessing that this pillow that does not provide the proper support is probably elevating the head too high. So now I mean if I were setting up the X rays and I wanted to paint the product in the best light, then that’s how I would probably do it too. So this is Dr. Lloyd showing you what we have in the office for pillows. I’m going to go over some of the literature and piece by piece next to see what the medical evidence shows about using a pillow as a next support. See you next time.