Gospel of Jesus Christ: Session 9

All right, welcome back. This is session number nine, he preaching, hey, this is the last one you have to endure with me. And then you’re kind of off on your own. And well, I shouldn’t say that we’re going to do the Skype together, but that’s okay. We’re going to take a look at a couple of special occasions for preaching. And then I’m going to leave you with a question which will be part of the worksheet. It is possible that you may be asked to do a funeral. And I’ve got a developed opinion on funerals from first being outside of the church for 37 years and going to some Christian funerals and from a Christian psychology Just who came to a bereavement class I took it seminary. Bottom line is, when I go to a funeral, I’m not looking for a theology lesson. That’s something you have to think about. I have been to funerals where a preacher gets up in front and gives the 15 to 20 minutes hell and damnation and if you don’t know Jesus, you’re going to hell and blah, blah, blah, a complete turnoff. Bear in mind the way people are today, probably 90% of them don’t even go to church. 80% of them are gonna say, Oh, yeah, I believe in Jesus. But you know, 90% of the church. They are not there to hear that they’re going to hell. They are there to hear that their loved one is in heaven. Yes, I know what you’re thinking even if that person was an sob. There are ways to get around. If you do want to give them a little bit of evangelism in there, I always do that. I like to do it two to three minutes. Usually I talk about the person, I talked about what what I talked, hopefully you talk to the family, you got some amusing anecdotes in there. And then I usually add in about that as long as we keep the memory of the person in our hearts. They’ll always be with us. And then I might say something to the effect of, and so and so came to church regularly. Now you can’t do this if the person has never come to church. So you have to be careful how you do this. But if it’s a church going person and they came to church and they knew the Lord Jesus Christ, and I know they would want me to tell you about that coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ if you have and if you want to see them in heaven, you want to come to know over Jesus Christ, and I’d be happy to help you do it. Two or three minutes, tops, tops top top top tags. If not, they’re gonna you’re just gonna lose them. Best Friend of mine died in 56 because he was too stupid to listen to the doctor who said 12 weeks for you to go back from year to work from your heart attack yet two of them ended up with a third one and then he was told you got two years and right anyway. And I went to his funeral and the preacher they went on and on about hell and damnation. Not something you can just see the people glazing over say this over yet. Okay enough about funerals. Let’s talk about baptisms. a sermon on baptism can go many different ways. Why are we there baptizing first depends if it’s an infant. It’s the pay them United Methodist It’s the parents that are putting on. I’m sorry, putting, taking on the obligation. So if you become a CLM and a church, and you have a baptism, you’re gonna have to bring in an elder to do the baptism. If you asked me to do the baptism, I would say, why don’t you do the message? I mean, this is your church, your, you know, your passion is. You can talk, if it’s an infant, you could talk about the parents obligation. You can talk about, what are the gifts that we receive from baptism. It’s not just just, it’s not just, yeah, justification, got the right word. It’s not just receiving forgiveness. You also get to gift to the Holy Spirit, become a member of the body, meaning that we’re supposed to take better care of each other. You can go through some of the benefits of baptism. You could go to Jesus baptism, that’s always a nice place to go. Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t say and that’s that’s probably where you’re going to end up in that works pretty well. If you get a chance to weddings like some of you may become CLM This is what I like to do for weddings. I’m going to give you my secret. That’s my secret sermon. Every one of them has been the same. They’re all extemporaneously done. So I can’t give you the exact wording. But I learned it from the Reverend Stephen parkson, who was from England. He came in for a six week exchange, when I went to my first assignment as as an associate pastor, great guy. He takes he took the word love, and he said, L is for loyalty. And then he gave a little bit about how to two people husband, wife, or are to be loyal to each other and take care of each other. Always for offering in that you actually are offering your mind your body to the other person. And offering together in the sight of God. And then v was for victory that love triumphs over everything, especially love with God or for Christ however you’d like to say that you feel comfortable with. He is for eternal and that’s where I, what I’ll do is, is I mentioned the rings because you notice here’s the ring. This is the camera I’m using. See the ring. If you’re on the inside of the ring, you can’t get to the outside and get on the outside. You can’t get to the inside, but it’s eternal. There’s no start there’s no stop you just keeping going circles and surfaces. until of course you’re dizzy but the point is, love is eternal. It’s never ending. So that’s that’s my basic sermon for weddings. You’re You’re free to use them. special days. Okay. Let’s start in the calendar year epiphany, special day. Three wisemen is a good story. That’s the announcement of PIP Daisy, is the introduction of Jesus into our world. So the three wise men coming, that’s that’s a good one. If you’re in John’s Gospel, it’s actually the baptism of Jesus is where he’s introduced to the world, introducing Jesus to the world. And then you could go to the point of saying, so how can we introduce Jesus or reintroduce Jesus to the world? Because you know, there’s a lot of people that don’t know him. And there’s a lot of people that say, I go to church, they don’t know Jesus. So you could actually talk about how you could bring Jesus into your community. Ash Wednesday that the best thing to do there is to talk about rip about sin, I guess I would say, restitution for sin, remorse, things like that. Lent is kind of a sad time so it’s kind of hard to Got perked people up can’t get them all, all bent out of shape during Lent, but a lot of lent his confession of sin time. Kind of an odd timing here, Easter. Oh, that’s easy the resurrection of Christ. The fun part is when you’ve been preaching Easter for a number of years, you’re gonna run out of topics really fast. So you’re gonna have to contemplate that one a little bit. Every year it’s another. It’s another challenge to come up with something new and different. All right. Pentecost is the Holy Spirit. You can use it you can use your Pentecost story out of Acts. You can always talk about the power of the Holy Spirit how to use the power of the Holy Spirit had no you have the power of the Holy Spirit. I work in pennant cost theologically is not As the church receiving the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit’s been here the whole time, and it’s all over the Hebrew Scriptures, it says, In Genesis at the beginning, God created the heavens and earth and the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters. Anyway. Pentecost Hossain there’s some things in there, Pentecost is receiving a power of the Holy Spirit. Because when you take a look at what the disciples could do, after Pentecost, it is rather amazing. What could each of us do, if if we had the Holy Spirit with us like that the power of the Holy Spirit. Ordinary Time is ordinary time. That takes us all the way down. There’s Christ the King Sunday, kind of obvious what you can do there. And then you hit Advent, the first Sunday of Advent is the second coming. Generally speaking, again, you have flexibility to do what you want. Because after you’ve done that a few times, it’s can get a little slow. You always have and then of course, the rest of that event you’re talking about in the Second Coming, or you’re talking about preparing for the birthday of Christ. And there are lots of themes out there that you can use. We I think today in culture, you have to be a little careful how you go after people because they’re more Archons they’re actually probably more concerned about what presence they’re going to give. Then there are other potential preparation. So what are the preparations for the celebration of Jesus birth? What’s the deal there all about? That takes you to Christmas Eve and of course, Christmas Day. That’s easy. You know what the story is? Question is, how are you going to make it different? One time I told it as the timekeeper was Time I told it as, as Israel like looking for the Messiah. You could tell you could tell a story from Joseph. You can tell the story as Mary, if you’re willing to do that. Of course, if you’re a woman, you can’t tell Joseph, but you have a couple things there that you can work on. You should find it interesting. You shouldn’t have too much problem with that. Okay. What you want to think about what I’ll ask you in the worksheet to do is what are you looking for in a good sermon, and then a good sermon delivered. Now that you’ve gone through all these sessions, write these down, because that’s what you want to do. Anyway, in this session, I’ll see you on Skype. God bless you, and enjoy the rest of those worksheets. exegetical paper should already be in you were supposed to sermon slides at Be in. So now all you have to do is record yourself. Again. It doesn’t have to be professional user computer or web.