Gospel of Jesus Christ: Session 6

This is session number six, our preaching series. Here I want to get into a little bit of basics of presentation skills. First, I want to talk to you a little bit about dress code. Now if you’re invited to a church as a late speaker like serving speaker when whatever calling us ourselves today I would ask the preacher of the pastor who’s having you come in, if there is a dress code if you’re going to a traditional worship at your typical Methodist Church in this particular conference, and you’re a male and you want to go in least a sport coat with tie. Now, what’s easy for guys is that we can get dressed a little fancier and we can dress down. So if you happen to be wearing a tie, and you get to the church and the church, people look at you and say, you don’t need that time. Piece of cake, tile. Oh no need the jacket, take the jacket off. It’s easier for us for men to dress up and come down the news for the ladies to do. So I will always dress up one level above the people in the church. I can always take my tie off, I can always take my jacket off, I can dress down a little bit. A little bit more difficult. those options to work with. So I would I would ask the pastor is a better way to dress down the best ask pastor because you know, if you’re going to a small church where everyone’s coming along jeans, you may not want to do anything but I would probably do khakis at least I wouldn’t know when in a suit or pantsuit or dress of that sort. So dress code here, dress can’t be bought. It’s not a real important thing. But people will be looking at you. And generally when you go into a location, you’ve never been there. If you can figure out how to do this, and if you’re leading the worship, I’m sure you can because a lot of times you lead the worship and preach at the same time. And hopefully you’ve taken the worship class. If not, we do have any preaching worship class. You want to allow people to see you and kind of scan the weapon Now I know you probably sitting there wondering about that one. That’s because you’re a mystery if you’ve never been to church before you are a mystery to them. And we humans have this insatiable need to be able to see all of you have one scare. The problem is if you get up and you stay behind the podium from the end, they never see all of you they just see you know, like the headshot and will their shoulder shot. And that will bother people. verbalizing, but it won’t bother them. It’s kind of a trust issue thing. If you if you come out to see all three, four seconds at the absolute most, then it’s like a trust that gets built. I know it sounds strange, but I’m telling you it works every time. Now second thing is emotions. Well The best and I may have to adjust this camera to do this. Let’s go. I’m trying to press play when you’re trying to do your waist and across trying to relax inside that triangle not to make him gestures. Okay that that’s a good presentation basic. And you can see my triangle in that triangle. Something that I learned back in my presentation skills is a better shot. You always have the hands here in your hands. It’s a good thing. It forces people to wake up if you’re getting glazed over. Because why you’re moving your hands. Of course they’re gonna watch you The hands going. Sometimes if you come out, you can that makes an impression that you’re coming toward them coming up like this, you know you’re encompassing something. It’s the point the hands are moving. If you’re just gonna stand like this and never move your hands and start talking, basically put them to sleep. Combined with hand motions is podiums. I don’t like podiums. If you come to a conference, now use a plastic shoe churches have been ribbons. What happens is about preaching or being a public speaker to show this, but I’ll do it with my water bottle. I’m gonna turn sideways That’s my impressions in it. That’s what happens if they’re nervous you grab onto those podiums on the size. Problem is problem. One has a tendency, whereas the second one is they can’t see all of you, which I didn’t address a little bit earlier. If you have the acrylic clear one, I can see all of you behind the podium. transcript, which many of you probably are, and again until you’ve done this for years, you’re going to do it. And you’ve been sent many of our pastors who have been preaching for years and years and years, still on the podium, it’s still notes and stones, and that’s fine. But podium allows you to Have those notes. Now, I’m going to stop here and talk about a couple things you can do if you have paper because the paper was found some printer by 11 paper, write your message printed out on here. So that you can see, there’s the paper. And if I know as I’m turning the pages that I know that paper you want to try that make that a minimum. And what I used to do when I was using paper and recommend this is that you separate the papers To show it to me on the camera, see I have to separate it. So they’re all slightly pushing to the side and pull to the side. And what happens is because the papers slide right off and you don’t worry, of course you don’t want to be printed on both sides of the pin, or what have you flippin paper. You don’t want to be doing anything like I just did with the paper, that potentially will distract you. Also, now that my phone’s doing it, where my phone number, which means short term, in this case, it’s five o’clock and I got the worm said anything that’s distracting. So if you are calling in and you got paper in the pages and be able to just push them off to the side, that works fine. If you’re using something like a tablet or a PC See, there is an advantage to having on an angle. You could take a PC 45 degree angle, this is a 90 degree angle that I’m using at the moment. Most of you notebooks do that, but you can push the preset screen down pretty far. So that if you’re reading the transcript off of the computer off the PC, it almost looks like you’re looking at the audience for trigger videos. If you look at the people in the third row, everyone, I shouldn’t say everyone behind them. Looking at them. Now, if it’s a white church, which most of us do have white churches we go to, obviously, you’re going to have to try and look at the third row. Because I don’t know how much space is gonna stay in that in the third row. Obviously if that space is even longer, that’s going to create a problem. Worship have backup ready. So I gave the slides to the tech guy. He had them up on the screen, we just got rid of our projectors with the panels, and the back panel threw a fit. That’s actually the USB adapters will fit. So I said fine. Cut off the back panel and I had my iPad there. Ready to go. I actually stand when I have to do that. Because of music stand you can tilt. And I don’t have to stand in front of the music stand because all I need is my outline. When I have a backpedal, look at the back pedal. But if I don’t have a back panel, then I don’t have a choice but to use the iPad and the music stand it makes it work pretty nicely. Okay, language I’ve mentioned a little bit about it. I mentioned about Susan in the Yale Divinity School language. Just Just go under the rule of thumb that people don’t know church language. churchy? Maybe maybe the word churchy is better theological. They should know that. But if I use that word, I do tell them that’s the study of God. If you’re going to use it apocalyptic, you should tell that means n times Blank polling is paralyse how which is actually preferred in terms of mapping on you. You’re not there to show off. I know you’re sitting there. And I’m sure you do, but, you know, just like your doctor, think about the fancy words they’re using. That’s to say to you, Hey, I’m the expert, you’re not. And I’m going to show you how to an expert who’s an insurance just to find the transcripts If you don’t use transcripts just fine. This is how I suggest you consider doing it. I use I use dragon speech recognition software I’m actually on version 15 which is really good for these $15 microphones but the three 410 dollar ones. This is a nice Sony stereo mic. He has a transcript, take tape from your outline your sermon. So that kind of software using iPads and androids I don’t know what software to tell you. Windows. Well, Dragon for Windows is just fantastic. It’s like 100 bucks. But yeah, can dictate your message is different than ours. Because it’s gotten a lot better over the last 20 years. It’s not perfect. Perfect. The software is going to have to correct transfer your transfer mistakes, because grammatical mistakes show up in oral communication. If you write down everything I’ve been saying for just this one session, you will be able to show me how for my grammar is in spots in my oil communication. We are when I was writing the PhD dissertation just a few months ago, I have made sure that every combo is in the right place. When someone is giving a sermon and I’m listening to them I hear perfect pitch grammar throughout the whole thing. I know they’re reading for other signs but that’s the big one. Nobody that I know anyway, talks in perfect grammar. I probably just missed that sentence up to we just don’t talk that way. Vast right dictating with something like dragon is really good. Okay, they’re gonna say me I don’t want to spend 100 bucks in the software I don’t blame you got a tape recorder or heck with the tape recorder. You have Windows you have iPad, you have Android. You have a voice recorder. Turn it on without one. Tell us what you’re gonna say. and have it produce a file summary software packages will create the text file. And but if it doesn’t, that’s okay. You can play it back and type. Just remember Correct the bad spots of grammar. That’s what tells me that you’re talking to me. As opposed to just reading something to me. Okay, emotions. Yeah, like to have some emotions. Here’s the one that you really want to hear. And that’s passion. Do you have passion for what it is that you’re talking to me about? You come across as a wet manomav rag with no emotions, you sound very robotic. You’re not going to generate emotional response in me now. What are you trying to do? What are you trying to do? Come on you now you’re trying to motivate me to do something different. And if you can show me some of your passion. Show me some of your heart. Some show me some of you for your emotions. That will affect the as I’m listening. You could do inflections you could slow down Stop all those little pauses and things, which might show me some emotion is the key, which also connects to voice. You’re going to go faster, your progress lower, you’re going to pitch up you’re going to pitch down monologuing in monotone. Oh, that’s a killer right there. That’s a smooth test. Gotta mix it up. I’ve been doing that if you’ve been listening to this last Wow, it’s already 17 minutes. But if you go on, look at some music. Why are there half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes. Notes. Why? Because his music only had one note and one speed. It would be you got it. So yes, your voice usually emotions to capture me. You’re trying to capture my attention. Hold on to it while you’re making your points. I mean, now we’ve covered pretty much all of these items on the list of concerns for presentation skills into practice. Let me tell you this way. I was told this when I took my first presentation skills class, one on one, talking to your spouse talking to your kid talking to your boss, friend, whatever, consider them all presentations. That’s a key way to look at it. Now, while I’m sitting here, thinking a couple things popped in about dress code I’m looking at it just code I forgot a couple things. When we had this talk where big shiny bottles of silver that that light just disperses off of them. You trying to their attention or what you’re saying not the way you’re dressed. So the second was to be this big. And it was beautiful. It was beautiful. It was so far I’m surprised it didn’t caught him in the gut when he sat down. But the problem was when he got in front of the class, all I saw was a shoe. So silver buckles, gold, buckles, pillows, anything that’s huge. smalls thing is bad. Magazine comes to mind, sometimes just jumps around but that’s alright for dress code. Well stay away from dark brown. light brown. Okay. Dark Brown is considered more looking ups trucks, FedEx trucks, they look pretty cool. Brown is important. color. Now if you worrying about things like what do I wear a power type? Well, now, the power Gods the power, what color or power ties Well, it’s pens by presidents in office. Yellow was a was a power tie for a long time in the 80s and into the 90s. So you have to figure that one out as you go. You’re not going to come if you don’t come in as the expert, you don’t come in saying I’m the all powerful oz. Look at my fancy tie. Well, it doesn’t work that way. You want to come across as one of the people you’re one of them. And God has given you a message to deliver. Okay, a couple things will probably come to mind isn’t it to you and dress code. But I want you to also think about about the best colors. To remember black all black is authoritarians, you got to be careful with that. If you if you’re been preaching at a church like a CLM for a number of weeks, months or years You’ve never been there, and you were all black. That’s fine. But if you’re walking in, let’s say you come to the church, I’m and this is your first time, and you come in all black, you probably won’t be coming back. Because the people gonna tell me things. They’re gonna say things like, well, that speaker you brought in thought I knew everything. Why did they get that impression? Because it wouldn’t hurt to Google colors and just to get an idea of the different colors, and the different things that are portray. All right, I went 21 minutes here, it’s time to call it quits. There’s some things in the worksheet that you want to take a look see. All right. God bless. And I’ll see you in session number seven.