Get Advice & Wisdom from Your Future Self

In order to help you see what’s possible with this work, I’d like to walk you through a simple exercise. I invite you to close your eyes if you don’t mind. Imagine it’s 10 years from now. And you have already figured out how to create an abundant four day workweek lifestyle and you’ve been enjoying three day weekends, and a four day workweek lifestyle for yours. You get to do work you enjoy with people who appreciate you and pay you well. Your three day weekends give you plenty of time to enjoy the people and activities you enjoy most. And how do you spend your time on Fridays? And who do you spend your time with? On Saturdays, what are you doing? And who are you spending your time with? And what are your Sundays look like? Now that you’re living the life you choose? What do you get to do now with your free time? Do you did not get to do before? Who do you get to spend time with the you are either not spending as much time as you’d like to or you weren’t getting any time with before? How is your new lifestyle positively impacted the lives of your loved ones and your friends? What type of work do you do to generate your income What work do you no longer have to do? How does it feel to get to live like this? One of your best friends comes to you for advice and wants to create a similar lifestyle. Since you’ve been doing this so long, you agree to answer their questions as best as you can. What did you do to make this lifestyle possible? What changes did you have to make What did you have to drop or remove from your life? And what did you need to add to your life to make this possible? And how did you feel when you finally made these changes? What obstacles Did you run into? And how did you overcome these obstacles? What advice would you give to your friend? That you wish you knew when you first started your four day workweek journey. And when would you suggest that your friend gets started on their journey? And now open your eyes. And let’s fast forward to today. What if it didn’t take you 10 years to create this type of lifestyle? When would you like to be living your abundant four day workweek lifestyle? And when do you want to get started? If you’re ready to get started, go ahead, proceed to the next video. And make sure to let me know whatever I can do to help you at each step in the process. Thank you