Gathering, Grouping, and Shopping for Your Ingredients

Tips on Gathering, Grouping, and Shopping for Your Ingredients

  1. Group like ingredients.
  2. Prep coupons (electronically).
  3. Shop online or in-person (use your resources).
Hi guys, Dr. Lisa back, we are here and meal prep meal prep basics 101. And we are talking about lesson two. lesson two is grouping ingredients and shopping. Okay, so you’ve done what you needed to do, you have prepared your plan, you have your grocery list and you know what you are cooking for the coming week. If you are still like some people, and you’re going to the grocery store on a regular basis, I encourage you to group like ingredients. So when you list out everything that’s required for all of the dishes, you are preparing, and of course you go through your cupboards and see what you’re out of, you know your normal snacks and staples, you’re going to have a nice list of items. And right now in the grocery stores, you know, we’re still dealing with COVID-19. So being in a grocery store is a little bit more of a hazard than it used to be. And so the idea there is if you have to go in it needs to be in and out quick. You need to know what you’re there for. So if you group your ingredients together, for example, all of your data Items, all of your meat items, all of your produce, things like that, then you can make your grocery trip very quick and very efficient. So that is what I suggest. However, if you’re like me, and a lot of people this day and age, and you’re really not interested in being in the grocery store, then I heavily heavily heavily suggest you lean on technology, and use the amazing resources that are available to you for preparing and creating your grocery order and doing it all online. So most of the major grocery stores now have an online order option where you can do a few different things you can go on there, pick out all the groceries that you want pay for them in advance, and you can schedule a pickup time meaning a time a timeframe in which you go to the store, wait outside and respond either in the app or via phone, that you are out there waiting on your groceries, or many grocery store options or add on services like instacart offer Delivery where you can actually order all your food online, and then have that food delivered to your front door. Most of these options are same day services. Now, when there’s a shortage going on, or, you know, for example, now when we’re sort of living through a pandemic, some of those grocery times may be delayed, but it is still much faster and more efficient than having to go to the store yourself to get everything. So I highly recommend that. I lean on technology for things of this nature, simply because it frees up my time and I consider my time and your time to be very, very valuable. So you need to maximize the use of your time and make things more efficient where you can. The wonderful feature really the best part about ordering your groceries online, is you can stay on budget. And that’s really what it is for me when I would go into the grocery store with a very specific list. Without fail I cannot think of one time that I came out with only what was on my list. While I was there, I would see something that was on sale, or I would see my favorite dessert that I had been trying to avoid. And they had a beautiful incap display setup. And I wanted one and I got one. So this really keeps you on budget. It keeps you focused on what you’re there to shop for, so that you’re not exhausting your resources and your money, getting things that you don’t need, or endangering your health and getting stuff that your body does not need. So this is why the online grocery order option is an amazing feature for me personally, in addition to that technology is extremely helpful, because this is the step step to where you are gathering things and shopping. But it’s you know, important to still save money, right? So being able to clip your coupons if you’re going into the grocery store, or you know get through the sales paper or the online sales paper. Or if you are like me, I shop at BJs bi weekly which is sort of a warehouse grocery store, like a Sam’s Club or Costco And they have their app with all the coupons there. And all you have to do is kind of scroll through the app, what I’ll do is I’ll have my list and the app and I’ll scroll through and see what coupons there are. And then you can add them directly to your membership card, so that when you go in and they swipe your card, all of those discounts come off automatically. So step two is really about saving money and time and making life more efficient for you. And this meal prep process, more of a rewarding process. So now that you have planned out your meals, you have all your ingredients. You have gone online or gone into the store and shop, you have all your coupons ready. You’ve saved your money and you’ve stayed focused, you are ready to graduate to step three. And that is lesson three where we are cooking. All right, so join me over there so that we can wrap this thing up.