Game Plan & Key Habit

Now let’s move beyond the stage of simply setting the goal and look at what it would take for this to happen. For your first goal, what actions would you need to take in order to support this goal happening? And when would you need to complete them by? And if that worked out for you, what actions would you need to take to support your second goal? And when would you need to do those by at this point, I want to encourage you to consider that your second goal might have nothing to do with your first goal, in which case you might be working on both of them at the same time. Sometimes I’ll have a business goal that I’m working on during my work days, and I’ll have a personal goal that I will work on on my days off. So they don’t necessarily have to interfere with each other. But we definitely want to be clear about what is that first most important goal that you’re going to take action towards, and you’re going to most focus on making sure it happens. And what would be the game plan for your third goal? If you set one? What do you need to do? And when would you need to do it? And what key habit would most support you achieving your number one goal this habit my Might not support your second or third goals, but it definitely needs to support your first goal and what habit would make it almost guaranteed that you would at least do everything that’s in your power to execute your game plan for your goal number one. Something that’s so critical to remember in this whole process is sometimes we’ll execute our game plans exactly as we’ve set them out. And we might not achieve our goal. But at least if we’ve executed our game plan, we can know that we are a person who honors our word and we make things happen. And then we can change our plan accordingly. This is far easier than if we don’t honor our action plan. So what one habit would support that and make it as likely as possible that you’re actually action plan gets implemented for your goal number one, That you’re successful with that. Take as much time as you need to complete this. Know that you can change it or tweak it later. If you have any questions on this, please let me know. And then we can move on to the next section.