Focus on Your Top Few Projects

Now let’s look back at the roadmap of all 12 steps again. So we’ve looked at the first four steps of seeing how we can do it. And we’ve made a preliminary plan of how we’re going to do it. Now we’re going to go into let’s do it, let’s make this thing happen. And these four steps are going to take us even further into how we’re going to do things. And we’ll be using these tools throughout the time as we’re implementing the next thing we’re going to do number nine, we’re going to focus on our work time on the critical few projects to obtain the desired results. So if you had a lot of projects, which is something I do have and a lot of entrepreneurs have, you might find that gosh, you know, it just narrowing down the projects in and of itself creates a huge amount of freedom and reduces a lot of stress for you just by saying okay, I’m not going to do these things, or at least during this time, I’m just going to do these one or two projects, I’m going to defer or delay these other projects to other times a year. But in this case, this person says, Look, I’m gonna continue with my primary job and continue to make my money. And the main difference, I’m gonna look to do just one shift. And again, the less shifts, or the left changes, usually, the better this person does, I’m going to just try to get from 10 clients per month, to 20 clients per month. And in fact, the nature of my business is actually let’s say, this person does group coaching, or they sell some sort of product, where it does not take them additional time to serve more people. So they’ve got something that’s scalable, and maybe use a content it’s perfectly scale but just cost them no more time to get more people. So this person is going to get 20 people, it’s still only going to take me 20 hours. And so if if I can get 20 people that now takes me to 2000 from my online business, and that would get me to 6000 per month. Instead of thousand. And so hoping to do that. That’s my plan. If I can focus what I think I’m going to see happen