Five Ways to Find Motivation at Work

Hello, I’m Mike Clayton. I’m on the beautiful Randstad. clipper attending the Randstad care event talking about it ain’t the stress that does the damage. Five great ways to find motivation at work. Firstly, and perhaps most important find meaning in the work that you do when you have a clear sense of purpose or good answer to the question why, then work becomes intrinsically motivated. Secondly, when you’re working, be there be present in the moment and focus only on the work you’re doing. And thirdly, engage fully with the work given all of your concentration, and all of your attention. When you’re doing that. The next step is to start to notice your achievements. As you notice your achievements you feel a sense of reward and that motivated to most people. And finally, noticing your achievement, giving your work all of your attention. All of that leads to a greater sense of mastery and taking the time to master your skills and feel more expert more capable more able will give A sense of motivation. So meaning and mastery, along with focus, along with engagement and along with noticing your achievement five sources of motivation at work