Hi. So you’ve made it to stage six lesson six intending your idea, your book your concept into an online course. And this stage is to really do your checks and balances and make sure that everything is done properly. Your recordings and correct sequence the audios and thinking of the videos and slides everybody is screen flows. Everything is in proper dimension that you need to upload online or whatever needs to make sure you check all your blessings and correct over, you’ve done all the recordings you’ve done all your arrangement, your videos, your blessings, the exercises, everything, make sure everything is checked properly. And the ones that didn’t go on Well, you need to retake them again and polish them so well to look good in terms of text video. Whatever content we decided to use for your video machine at this stage, everything is fine and ready for the next page. So just check all of that and find seen perfects at any time. Good to go for your next lesson in 10 your ideas the book into an online course. So, get it done and see in the next lesson I wish you success as you take the course.