Find Your Audience

Alright, so we’ll come to Lesson One, a course audience. And the very first most important thing to do for creating your course is to find out who will be my audience. Were my creating this cause for you to find not as an audience, but a hungry audience, those who desire to devote your content, you don’t want to quit a call that nobody would like to buy know within three minutes change money for it or been to take the course for free. So it should be something or should find the audience, which kind of people class of people or niche who need this content that you want something that people need, and then do you have the skill and also expertise to provide for there should be a need in the market as a gap, but he also have the skill to provide that. So that is your finding your course on the audience. To find out niches that are already doing well and your audiences to emulate so find out Okay, is there any existing niche in maybe photography up there? With what about photography for parties or temple wordings of particular for events? Okay, fine. I did have courses online Yes The app also like that people patronize me It’s okay look at Okay, which niches so you look at the trends and go okay people already purchasing courses in photography and you put together for outdoor events. So I’m going to create a similar kind but this time for specific arguments you you bow down the mesh, knowing that there’s a need for that kind of service and you bring in something different on work. This helps you to really carve a niche and create a what I call your audience avatar. So what can you couple of things you can do is you can run a course you can run a survey, to find out the needs of people in a specific niche. You can even use Facebook post as To Use Survey Monkey survey expert things you can use Google Forms quick questions open your words substitute x people, specifically the questions pertaining to a niche a new find out who they need a service like this, all is to prepare you and know the kind of people who would want to buy or want to learn from you. So, you ask, Who would you like to teach? And why would you the kind of people I want to teach are taught less piano and teach NASA mothers this crochet so you find a question, Where can I find them? So what are your pain points? What are some of the struggles or challenges of nursing mothers in the midst of pandemic Okay, they will do something and then we’ll teach them I think it would love to learn how to crochet or beadmaking so the pain points, you need to make extra money and each learning skill so I can take them out to quit beats and make beats online so they know their problems and you’re Finding which solve them and welding Francis NetSim. I did maybe online again, groups or networks where matters belong on the appearance. These are ways to you use all these ways to find out whether people need their cause. Western, why did located I do online? I do offline? What I did demographics, the age brackets, your income level, would you be able to afford a course with this amount of money? Do all you have to do you have an existing audience or list already? If you’re not starting from scratch in blogging or equivalent lead generation page and you have leads or via your listing list already, they know them. They know the key pair the needs and what have been produced over the past weeks or days or months. Our audience will need this kind of content and you can also record your audience. What kind of things would you want help on what are some challenges you find in maybe producing a website or creating a logo and you get your news The needs and develop content for them. So all these questions or strategies help you to define your audience, your audience comes before your content. So once you have a clear potential audience profile the segment of people you want to meet their needs, then you’re ready to move on to the next level. The first most important thing is find your audience create your audience, who are they? What are their pain points, what do they need? How can I help them? Where can I find them? The axis of series of questions to help you define your audience and you can use surveys in custom Yes, you can you reset these all these to define who were How would I meet the needs of a course like this. So once you have assessed all these, you are ready to move forward. So the first was the pricing again, I mentioned this, find your audience, create audience avatar, your audience profile, then that will help you to develop content All right, so do the exercise and the questions and see you the next lesson as we get ready to produce our cause for our ideal audience