Find a Book Editor

Hey guys, this is Pedro’s and welcome back. Now, if you at this stage of the video, that means that you are almost done with your book. And if you are congratulations. I mean, you have just accomplished what many people have not where you’ve actually stuck to the end. But again, you’re only halfway there. Now your book has to get edited. Now, hopefully you have sub edited your book where you’ve gone through it, and you’ve fixed any things that didn’t make sense or make sure things are looking good. Or you can find somebody, a friend, a close friend, I can read your book and give you feedback. But either way, now you’re moving forward, where you actually going to get an editor to review your book, a professional editor. Now, every author, it doesn’t matter whether you’re JK Rowling’s or Stephen King, every author has had an editor, because you have blind spots that you could just not see in your writing. And you need somebody else to give you feedback to see if everything looks structured well. So that’s why it is an editor. Now. Next question you might have is like, Where do I find it at? So you can go to a website that I use quite often, which is up Again, it’s like And that’s where you see a lot of freelancers, you find editors, proofreaders, just many type of professionals, they do freelance work for any type of writing. So go there is very trusted. There’s another website called Fiverr. But I would not recommend it just because it is they do offer editors and you know, that’s more affordable, cheaper, but the quality for my experience hasn’t been good. So if you use, they have good quality. Now, you might ask like, well, how much does it cost? Now, it can range from 200 to 500 or more, it really depends on it really, you know, the number of pages or number of words you use for your book, it depends on the quality of the editor, and just other factors. But the main thing is, this is not an area where you want to go cheap, a finding a good quality editor is very hard to come by. So when you do find one, stick with them. So don’t try and go cheap on this. And you want to find somebody who you can trust, who has a good track record has reviews has feedback. This is the type of editor that you want. Anyway, I hope you guys found this useful. Again, if you at this stage, you finish your book, you’ve self edited, find yourself an editor and get your book looked at so that you can get feedback. And I’ll just give you a quick bonus. You want to be open to criticism. Now this is going to be really tough, I can tell you what it was my first book, and I got all the red marks thinking my book was amazing. It really hurts your pride and ego. But you didn’t want to keep that in check. And you want to be open to criticism. Because I know when it’s when this when it’s your baby. It’s just like you feel like you’re being attacked. But I can tell you, you will become a much better writer from the feedback you get from the editor. And it will take your writing to a whole nother level. So again, it’s so something easy to stomach, but, you know, be open to feedback be open to criticism, it will make you a better person, a better writer, and it will help you clarify your message so that it connects with the reader even more. So I hope you guys find this video useful and I will see you next time. Bye