Find a Book Cover Designer

Hey guys. So if you’re watching this video, it’s probably because you’re looking for a book cover designer. Now, there are a couple places where you can find a good designer now, one of it is nine nine design comm where basically you post your project, and you post your project or the type of book that you’re looking for the type of design. And what happened is designers from all over the world will send their idea of what your cover should be, you know, so you have different options. And then you can choose the one person that you want, and then you work with them, and then they get paid. So that’s one way designcrowd is another one, it’s the same like nine nine design is slightly different, but more or less the same. And there’s also you could use Fiverr. So website, where you can find a lot of actually good designers that’s affordable. So if you’re tight on your budget, Fiverr might be a good place to do it. In fact, my first book, The blue one over here, down was actually done through Fiverr. And then the other one, this one was actually done through 99. design, design designers. So there’s different options that you can use. You could also use Upwork. I recommend the dye website for finding freelancers for writing, but I think they do have some book cover designers. But the first one that I meant, the first digit I mentioned, should work out for you. So that is book cover designer. And I’ll give you a bonus tip. When you’re working with your book cover designer, make sure that you get feedback from your audience to not go this alone. So if you get the first sample for your book cover, go and show it to somebody who might be a potential reader and get their feedback. Don’t just show it to your family or friends. If they’re not going to be your ideal audience. Do not don’t ask for feedback. Go to your ideal reader audience. And they just ask What do you think, you know, is it clear the message? Can you tell what this message means? Or what the picture, give feedback, and then go back to the designer and try and see if you can make tweaks and make it even better. So anyway, that is my my bonus. Brian a book cover designer. And please, please do not try and go this alone. Do not try and figure out like I’m going to create my own book and, you know, set things up. It’s a lot of work and your time could be used at better things. Remember, when you’re writing a book, you want to have a team around you. So you’re going to have an editor and then now you’re gonna have a book designer to help you. So that’s my tip and I hope you guys enjoy your day. Bye