Finalize Your Schedule

Step 10 of the four day workweek gameplan is to finalize your schedule to implement your vital few projects. Now, the example here I have is how detailed a person could get with their schedule. Now, this would depend on whether or not you wanted to do this in complete detail of how you do things at work. Or you might just say, Wait, you know, at certain times, I’m just at work. So this person here is saying, at certain times, I’m sleeping from 12am to 5am, or 6am in the morning, got a certain boring routine or rituals that I do. And then here are the things I’m going to do while I’m at work. So initially, we were just saying it’s step three. Let’s just plan these things at a random time steps two and three, in the sense of not worrying about exactly what we’re doing at work. And now here we’re going into depth saying, look, this is exactly what I’d be doing at these different times while I’m working. To as much as possible get clear about what happens now reality is, are you ever going to do exactly what your game plan is for work? Probably not. So a plan does not have to be extremely detailed. In fact, if you look at this plan here, there are certain areas that I have highlighted here, where the person is decided to do the same thing for blocks of time. So create new products create new products, this person’s entire Wednesday, is all about creating new products. And so it doesn’t have to be that each step is unique. It’s just how the form is set up. And again, if you’re using the paper form, you could just write in big letters over this. But this is what we’re looking to do get very clear of exactly what you want to do. This will be something that changes over time. But there’s so much power in a weekly routine. You know, even if you go on vacations at times, which hopefully you do, and even if you say well wait, you know what, I work certain hours and then my schedules constantly Changing some out of town this week are in town and I get that. But overall habit, even though we might be looking for excitement, there’s a power in habit of just getting used to doing something at a certain time and building momentum, building up systems to where it’s just easy for you to do things and so having a weekly schedule that reflects as best as possible how you want to do things will serve you tremendously in this area.