Final Words of Inspiration

Okay, so thank you for taking part in this course. Thank you for choosing me as instructor, I, I can only hope that I lived up and brought you some value and helped you see things differently and helped you approach stress differently in a way that is easy, simple, straightforward. I hope you can see that this is really straightforward. It’s really simple. It’s again, there’s no like to do list, it’s to literally do nothing. It’s like a do nothing approach just allowing things to be. I hope I got that across for you. Now, it would really help me if you left a review. You don’t have to have to toggle your choice. It would help me if you left a review. I can improve this stuff. I can see what works or what doesn’t. So, again, thank you. It really is simple. Go ongoing. dance around with this stuff, build your own intuitive understanding. And so that you don’t have to deal with stress, you can just let it all out off. That’s right the bottle, let it all out on the bottle. Until you know when this stuff I’ll finish with this. When everything’s out. Then you stop early when everything is out. Do you begin to realize the extent of how much stuff was weighing you down? That’s the case for me. Right? Early when as it’s all coming, being released, do you realize the extent of how much stuff was weighing you down? And for me, I’m sure there’s more stuff to be released. I know there’s more stuff to be released. But even everything I released so far, it’s been a result to be incredible, incredible, incredible. So the thing is that we only know until we are it until we are validated. version of ourselves that has it all released we can actually compare how we were before to how we are now we can be like oh, wow, there was a lot of stuff weighing me down. Nice it’s really nice to have it all released or at least not cope with it got here man like, honestly like it doesn’t need to carpet stuff No need to stop no disrespect to coping mechanisms stuff. I just believe that they those kind of things just unaware that there is a really simple way to just disappear it disappeared and that’s what this is about to disappear so you don’t have to cope with anything, man, like carping with stuff is too much effort carrying this stuff Why don’t just disappear it well just remove that rather than make some sort of crazy contraption to cope with the pressure build up. Just like release it. Anyway, so these are some hopefully wiser inspiration. Once you release it all you realize how much stuff has been weighing you down? realize how free you are now, how much more there is to release. How much more there is release. I’ll tell you what, ladies and gentlemen, I am most joyful I’ve ever been. Well I live in is wonderful. experientially, that is like, subjectively, incredibly beautiful, very beautiful. And yet I will, sir, totally, utterly aware of how much like junk there is, how much junk there is, I’m aware of when it comes up. When it comes up, and I’m aware of my weaknesses, now more than I am ever, in my family ability as just part of the human condition. And that’s why I said I rely on prayer and grace. I rely on my post a little power, my smarts or intellect, I rely on graceman I rely on grace. And that’s why I left that prayer component there because it is actually quite important as I see it, as I see it. And and I want to To paint a full picture for you as full as I can in the short time we have together in this little course here. So you can use this to disappear stress, you can use this to disappear every negativity that arises. And what I’ll also say is, if you would like to learn more about this in a really comprehensive way, so you’re like, kinda like, okay, I can see some stuff. Yeah, maybe it’ll help me feel like if you’re kind of present, like maybe it’ll help me to read about it. And learn a little bit more become more familiar with it. So if you want to increase the familiarity, he’s a book I’ll recommend, highly recommend. This is the book that I read, and was introduced to this mechanism. And I now have just Shannon shared it with my own intuitive understanding. But a book I’ll highly recommend to you is a letting go of by Dr. David Hawkins. And this book is expertly written, incredible this man is my teachers. Incredible. He has passed away. I just mean like teachers in the sense that I watch his lectures and videos and books and all this sort of stuff. But anyway, Dr Hawkings, right lighting our pathway of surrender 2012 It’s incredible. It’s like thousand five star Amazon reviews. It’s like really popular on Amazon. It’s on Audible. It’s on ebook, you can get the hard copy. This is my all time favorite book. It’s an incredible book will help build the familiarity, perhaps in even a way that I caught icon. Hope to, to reach people with just explains it so beautifully. so incredibly his masterpiece and this courses is free. No, I’m not trying to monetize anything. I’m just trying to put information out there in the hands of people so they can use it and disappear stuff. But that said this, this book is much better. This course this course hopefully will help more I would recommend actually this book then this course use this course in if the book isn’t if you still would like some clarity after the court, the book that’s just honesty, man. It’s just honesty. It’s it’s really a masterpiece. It’s really a masterpiece. But that said, I hope this did provide you some value. And please do leave a review if you would like to that would help out. And if you want to work with me, check out my website. I’ll leave in this description again. Check out my website. And good luck. Good luck. How to Have a good life. Joy, just enjoy whatever it is just enjoy it. No, don’t take things too seriously. For this, cause don’t take things too seriously just enjoy stuff. Enjoy yourself. And yeah, have fun. I’ll see you whenever I see. See ya.