Faster & Simpler

Once you’ve created and implemented your first 30 day growth plan, in the future, you might decide that you either want to do it with or without the videos. And you might want to simply do the form by yourself. You might also decide that you want to do a shorter version of the form if you prefer. We have a two page version of the form that can help you do it a little more quickly. If that serves you. As in the other forms we focus on, what are you grateful for? What things do you want to drop from your life? What do you want to add? What progress you’ve made over the last 30 days? What are some of the obstacles you faced and what lessons have you learned? And what area Do you want to focus on for your growth that month? Then you can focus on your vision for the next 30 days and the changes you’d like to make your main goal and the game plan that supports that main goal. You can then focus on putting your signature to your commitment and finding your accountability partner and making your progress updates. So you can decide you prefer going with the full program the full workbook and doing all of it and or maybe it’s a little easier for you to do things in a way that’s a little lighter and a little simpler. Well, you’ll also find is if you want to inspire other people to take this up, and they’re maybe not quite as committed as you and this can be a great place to start. This can be somewhere that you’ve perhaps involve your children if you want them to start getting involved in some sort of goal setting process. And that’s not too long, but it gets them thinking something as simple as this can get them looking at how do they make things happen without expecting that things are going to happen for them and taking action working towards something that’s important to them. I hope you find this helpful for any questions in this please let me know as I always look forward to helping you and all those around you create the life you most desire, one month at a time. Thank you