4. Expanding the Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny John. Through negative ideas we can understand more about ourselves. So today we’re going to learn how to expand the negative ideas. But before that, let us quickly do a recap on what negative ideas are. If you already know you can skip this section. Before we move forward, let’s do a quick recap on what negative ideas are. So they’re seed costs for all forms of suffering states of the mind come from negative ideas. Negative ideas are ideas we have inside which promote self rejection. These can be simplified and understood as self declarations beginning with it is not okay, for instance, it’s not okay to fail. It is not okay to be arrogant. It’s not okay to be angry. And when you become attached to negative Ideas For instance, it is not okay to fail. When this negative idea is triggered, for example, by an outer experience, when you fail or when other people fail, all levels of the self will experience it a bit differently. For instance, the physical self, we experience it as negative physical sensations on the body, the mental self, we experience it as negative thoughts, the emotional self as negative emotions. the totality of this experience is called suffering. And this is experienced all at once because there’s no separation from within. So negative ideas are the seed cause for all your unhappiness for your negativities for all your fears. So let us learn how to expand the negative ideas so that we can know how it can affect us and many levels outside in inside During this will help us to naturally develop the intention to address them. So, let us look at how we can expand the negative ideas. So, when you discover a negative idea, you can use the following template to expand it to know how to use this template let us use an example. Say if you discovered a negative idea, it is not okay to fail, then you can use the template to fill in the spaces to expand the negative ideas. So because it is not okay to fail, the I will experience negative judgment towards myself when I fail and experience negative judgments towards others when they fail, in experience feel failing because it is not okay to fail and experience negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative physical sensations when I face Experience wandering thoughts to do with failing and I will also have attachment towards not wanting to fail. So if you do discover a negative idea you can use this template to expand it. If you have been collecting negative ideas from the Word template that I’ve given you and the video I think it was number 16 writing to Know thyself, you can now use this template to expand it. So today we have learned how negative ideas can affect us at all levels of the self inside and outside. So realize that by transforming the negative ideas thing, oh levels, oh, problems at all levels will be resolved. So in the next few videos, we will be talking about how to transform Then negative ideas. So I’ll see you soon.