Exercise 8 – Live Lightly

Now, we’re going to talk about simply living lightly and doing your journey as simply as possible. Letting go of the things that are distractions, letting go of the things that weigh you down, that pull you down and connected as much as possible with divine energy to uplift you to make things as simple, as easy as flowing and as natural as possible. So I invite you to open your mind and your heart to the possibility that you can connect with the divine. Decide you’d like to connect with the divine. Really get clear about that. And invite the divine to guide you in this process. Close your eyes and silently breathe in and out focusing on your breath. Count to three as you breathe in and count to three as you breathe out. Do this for 30 seconds and all the while maintain your intention to connect with the divine. Ask the divine to guide you in this work. Which relationships best support you and your most important work? How can you cultivate more relationships like these or spend more time in these ones that serve you and support you? Which relationships drain you? How can you spend less time in these draining relationships? What experiences or possessions require too much time or money for you to maintain? How can you reduce these commitment heavy experiences or possessions What else do you need to drop so you can focus on your most important work. Thank the divine for guiding you in this work. Breathe in and out for 30 more seconds Notice how you feel. Open your eyes. And now write down your answers from the exercise, plus anything else that comes up for you and make sure you complete this work before you proceed to the next step.