Exercise 5 – Move from Motivation to Inspiration

Now, we’re going to explore how you can move from operating from a place of motivation to one of inspiration. Most of the times when people talk about motivation, there’s this drive, they’re moving towards something. Very often it’s something in the physical world. It’s some sort of achievement, some sort of pressing for something, a goal, a cause an outcome. And that’s great. Very often, though, when we’re aiming for these things, what’s driving us is some sort of internal need or insecurity or some sort of requirement that needs to be achieved such as paying a bill. When we’re coming from a place of inspiration, we have as our fuel, the energy, the feeling, the way that we are connected to the divine is causing us to want to do things and engage in things that are more expensive. more loving, more sharing more all encompassing. If you’re using business term, you’d say that inspiration leads us to win win win win win outcomes where everybody wins. And what we’re looking to do is, again, tap into that divine wisdom that divine support and guidance to help us understand how can we make that a way that we do business with people, the way that we operate with people the way we serve people, not just so we can make more money, but so that we can also be doing things in a way that aligns with what’s best for everybody. Knowing that that comes right back full round, and creates long term business relationships, long term solid outcomes, that reputations, and businesses and careers are built upon. Open your mind and your heart to the possibility that you can connect with the divine decide that you would like to connect with the divine and receive wisdom, guidance and support. Invite the divine to guide you in this process. Close your eyes and silently breathe in and out, focusing on your breath. Count to three as you breathe in and count to three as you breathe out. Do this for 30 seconds Continue to hold the intention that you receive guidance from the divine. And now ask the divine to guide you in this work. And in answering these questions. What part or parts of your work do you most love to do? Why do you love to do your favorite parts of your work? How do you feel when you’re doing your favorite parts of your work? How do your favorite parts of work positively impact others? How does positively impacting others lead you to getting compensated? What part or parts of your work do you dislike doing? How can you transform these parts of your work that you don’t like doing into something inspiring? Or if necessary, how can you delegate them or eliminate them all together? Thank the divine for guiding you in this work. Breathe in and out for 30 more seconds and allow for any other unanswered questions to be answered for you and open up to receive that guidance. Notice how you feel open your eyes and Write down your answers from the exercise, plus anything else that comes up for you before you proceed to the next section.