Exercise 10 – Overcome Your Distractions

Now, let’s talk about how we can overcome our distractions. When we’re seeking to do our best work, whether it’s for life work or for income, or both. It’s easy for us to get sidetracked into some other preoccupation, or conversation or activity. And when we can use divine focus, divine guidance, divine support, it can make it much easier for us to stay on target, and implement and execute and do the things that are most important to our mission, our journey and provided for our family and ourselves. Open your mind and your heart to the possibility that you can connect with the divine. decide that you would like to connect with the divine and receive wisdom, guidance and support. Invite the divine to guide you in this process, close your eyes and silently breathe in and out, focusing on your breath. Count to three as you breathe in and count to three as you breathe out. Do this for 30 seconds. Continue to hold the intention that you receive guidance from the divine And now ask the divine to guide you in this work. And in answering these questions. What thoughts, activities, things or people? Most distract you from your work? What excuses do you make when you don’t focus and do your best work? Who do you blame for poor performance? And whose approval do you seek? What activities do you use? To escape and avoid your most important work. What foods or substances Do you consume when you’re not being productive? What thoughts or ideas stop or distract you from doing world class work? How would the divine tell you to move past all of these thank the divine for guiding you in this work, breathe in and out for 30 more seconds and allow for any other unanswered questions to be answered for you and open up to receive that guidance. Notice how you feel open your eyes and write down your answers from the exercise, plus anything else that comes up for you before you proceed to the next section.