Example of the Method

Okay, so recently I had a fever, a fever. Now, I didn’t notice I had a fever. I just noticed that I had been at least sensations going like this. So remember, remember that? I told you that there’s imagination. And then there’s sensations. Let me explain to you my experience. So the imagination popped for me, just a couple of days ago was, though, these stories started to create, like, weird scenarios, like they’d say, because they, I noticed that I was a bit sick. I had a bit of a cough that I’m a lot a lot better now. You can probably barely hear it now. But anyway, these stories would come up to mind they’d be like, I’m gonna go to like die. No, you’re gonna die. But I wasn’t scared. Just want to clarify was just weird stories is like, going to die and like, it’s gonna be really fun. And I’m like, this is weird. I’m just kind of nervous. I’m like these stories really strange. So I start feeling The stories I stopped engaging in the stories. Okay, so the stories came up for me, and that’s fine, that’s fine. Like, I can’t control it, they came up, I noticed that they were kind of weird and just it was just imagination and I noticed that yeah, it was a little fun to engage in it but like that’s not what helps me in this case. So I just kind of made that intuitive decision that internal decision set to withdraw from that to withdraw from that and instead focus on my sensations instead just be willing to be with things as they are like golf trying to figure things out with stories and with thoughts and with intellectualization and just be with things as they are speed with things as out so as I was with just everything my actual experience as it was and letting go of thoughts as they came so they come in a bit, okay, kind of on that wave. As I did that, I noticed that my body started to shake the body that my body started shaking so so I went to a went and did a thermometer reading I had like a high temperature 39 degrees. Okay, and I was laughing I was like, Whoa, this is really cool because I didn’t notice I had a fever. I just noticed that I had all these different sensations because I was surrendering them as they were coming up. Then I went to bed I woke up, like the fever was gone very, very, very fast, very fast. I didn’t suffer at all. I just lay in bed and kept surrendering things. So it was good fun. It was a good bogie was a good fun, I got to learn more about how to surrender sensations. Now, that story is there just to show you, you know, we do we learn through through actually doing it. So there’s a story there, okay. And then you kind of just recognize that you’re in the story and you’re in the imagination. And then that is that willingness that arises of its own. So like it wasn’t forced or anything, it’s just spontaneously once I recognized that was in the imagination, then a willingness arose of its own of its own a willingness arose to just let that grow and be with things as they are. So, and then it was that willingness that allowed me to just ride it out. And then I’m just kind of wrote out the experience now was think with things as they were, and then it paused very fast of its arm. So that favor those shakings the shaking came, and then very, very, very fast. It left very, very fast. There was their pain involved. Usually I would be in pain when I would have like a fever I’d be I call Oh, poor me during me, but this time, I would notice that I’ve noticed there’s little that that actually enjoyed people sympathy. I did some balances, choose another person. I have my talk about that later. But I did some psyche balances around that. I let that stuff go. I saw these stories that were playing Actually like people’s sympathy. So it was a massive learning opportunity for me. It was a huge learning growth opportunity, which is another point. If you see this as a growth opportunity rather than like a painful suffering, you actually turn it into a growth opportunity. You disappear the suffering by your mere choice, your your decision about how you see it. Because the thing the thing has their power, the power is what you give it. So if you feed into the suffering and you go, Oh, poor me, I don’t like this, then you you suffer. But if you go this is a great growth opportunity. I’m learning so much, which again, there’s no doing this about it. It’s not a do. It’s just a spontaneous decision that arises. So it can’t be forced. I can’t give you a to do list and this will happen. I can just hopefully help build the recognition that a hammer and that’s what we’re hoping for you sir. That’s what this is. Hopefully we’re kind of flowing with things now and getting the getting a little, expanding our mind into these new horizons, these new ways of seeing ourselves of being with things because that’s what this is. It’s actually a way of being with that stress, stress, because we actually also want to stop calling it stress, because it’s not stress. I’m sorry, it’s not stress. You can’t experience stress. Stress is just a word. It’s a program. It’s a label, and it has a lot attached to it. So you want to get rid of that straightaway. And just go for that pure raw experience, pure experience. You can’t experience stress. You can earn the experience sensations, and then you can those sensations names, but those names are additional layers. If you remove those layers, you go to the foundational core, you’ll see that the foundational core has no name. It’s silent. It’s experiential. There’s no way to put it. putting things in words is an additional layer that takes you away from the experience that takes you away from the experience. So that’s an additional subtlety that we’ll cover later. Okay, so that has been this lesson and I’ll see you in the next one.