Examine Your Current Time Investments

Now let’s talk about creating more time for fun in your life. Now, this is fun by your definition, not anybody else’s definition. And what we want to do is consider a few different labels for the activities you’re engaged in. Either they’re fun, they’re bad, they’re just not enjoyable at all, or they’re a waste of your time. And what we want to do is have you as much as possible, invest more time in the things that you enjoy, by your definition. Now, to keep things real simple, all we’re gonna look to do is drop certain things and add other ones. There’s three basic steps to create a more fun time. First, identify what you like doing. confirm what you don’t like doing and replace what you don’t like with what you do, like now I know that’s kind of mind blowing. But this is one of the things that many people don’t do. It doesn’t need to be difficult. I’m going to suggest you don’t overthink this. This is not about what somebody else thinks you should be doing. This is about what’s fun for you. This is all about your time outside of work. Now, you might have quite a bit of time, perhaps inside work where you’re doing things you don’t enjoy. And you might even have some time outside of work, where you’re doing things you don’t enjoy. But in order to have your life be enjoyable as possible, and also to set yourself up to eventually be a four day workweek worker, or possibly entrepreneur, eventually, you need to really value your time outside of work, and be able to take control and make the most of it. So, in this very simple first exercise, what we’re going to do is looking at where you’re investing your time, by looking at your most common activities, and simply labeling which activities do you do that are fun? And how many hours a week do you do that? Look at how many hours per week do you invest or spend wasting time doing things that really aren’t that fun? Maybe you’re just tired and you’re watching bad TV or doing something It’s rather reactive and you don’t really have fun with it. And one of the things you do that are really just bad, they’re just not enjoyable. I encourage you to take the time to actually do the exercise. write this out and get clear about what are those things