Envision When You’d Do Your Activities

And then to proceed to the next step we can use to use the numbers up top here, or we can click on the arrow, I’m going to click on the arrow. The second step to create in the four day workweek game plan is to envision when you would do the things that you talked about doing. So in step one, we listed these things. And now we’re going to say when we would do them, and I like to get precise and say, how long would I do it? So I’d like to go to the beach with my family for three hours every week, like to go dinner and dancing or do a movie with my wife for four hours every week. And I’d like to play basketball for two hours, two times per week. So we’re just getting very specific here. And I want to just throw out something here. A lot of the times you might say Wait, we’re already two steps through the 12 steps. It really can’t be this easy, can it and just to remember, this is the game plan. This is not the execution the execution takes a while can make a game plan to do 1000 setups a day and do a whole lot of working out. And whether or not to execute or not is going to determine whether actually get the results. So this is the game plan we’re creating here. But of course, we want to create a game plan that’s realistic that we believe we’re likely to implement. And initially, the first time you do it, you might even get a little more expansive or a little more aggressive than you think you’re going to do. And at some point, you’re going to see we’re going to decide what we really decide to stick with and or what we don’t. So now that I’ve got my list of the things I want to do, and I’m envisioning what, I’ll do those things, I’m going to proceed to the next step, step number three, in this case, I’m gonna use the button up here just to show you that