Eliminate All Low-Priority Activity

The next part of planning, we’ve talked about how we’re going to make more money. And now we’re going to look at how we’re going to free up time. So we’re going to use an example here of three different tasks. And we’re going to focus on eliminating the tasks and relationships that don’t support your target results. So in this case, this person says, Look, when I work on more than one project at a time, it just distracts me, it cost me so much time, I don’t really make a lot of progress. By the way, that’s a very common mistake. And challenge I’ve done that many times in the past and just about always hurts me from a focus standpoint. So this person says, If I just work one project at a time, I’ll save six hours per month about if I stopped participating in that online forum, I was sharing some ideas with people and I thought I was gonna get something out of it, but I didn’t. So it’s really it’s kind of a dead forum. That’s one of those online sharing environments where people share ideas if you’re not familiar with it, what an online forum It is. And so this person says I’m going to drop that I’m just eliminating that I’m not doing anything more. I’m just letting it go. And then you know what, sometimes I get lazy or I get a little unfocused. And I do some personal social media while I’m working and you know, that just distracts me It throws me off and then I end up taking longer to do my work overall. So I’m going to drop that. So I’ve got these three things that I’m going to eliminate. And that’s going to be 10 hours if I’m accurate, 10 hours saved per month.