Element 5: Awareness

Remember earlier we talked about you walking into your house into meeting the two versions of yourself. If you want to beat procrastination, it will help you tremendously to show up as the best version of you how I once watched the video with Ed, my lead and Mike Bayer Mike is the author of a book called best life. And he has an exercise in the book that I love. He walks Ed violet through it in the video, here’s how it works. First, Ed thinks of the version of himself at his best, who is he when he is his best? What are all the adjectives that describe that person? In other words, what are the best things he loves about himself? He writes things like peaceful, kind, patient, he then draws a picture of this best self, gives them a name, and calls him Superman, and gives him a tagline could be anything like I get things done, or I am an amazing human being, then Ed thinks of the version of himself that isn’t the best, who is see when he is not his best? What are all the adjectives that describe that person? He then draws a picture of this lower self gives them a name and calls him Richard cabeza in gives them a tagline. Why is this so powerful? Because we’ve all had the experience of being two different people, we’ve had the experience of showing up as our best self, and our not best self. But most of us have never taken the time to ask these questions. Who am I, when I’m at my best, and who am I, when I’m not at my best? And when you’ve asked yourself these questions, something magical happens, you’re able to identify it, ask yourself, am I walking into this room is my best self, or non best self? am I sitting down to do this task is my best self or non best self? Am I entering this conversation as my best self, or non best self, and gives a great example of this? He’s in bed, and he likes to end every night by giving his daughter a kiss and saying a prayer. He’s in bed and tells himself It’s okay. I’ll just do it tomorrow. But after doing this exercise, he realizes Wait, no, that’s Richard cabeza talking. That’s not Superman. So he gets out of bed and gives his daughter a kiss goodnight. Turns out she actually had a question she wanted to ask him. And if he hadn’t done this, she would have never gotten to. And that’s the power of this. When you’re able to identify your ideal and less than ideal behaviors, you have the fifth element, awareness, you’re able to be aware when you’re not showing up as your best and when you are in this awareness can help you change your path, you’re in bed and want to give your daughter a kiss goodnight, you tell yourself not to, you’re able to say hey, there’s Richard Cubase. Again, let’s get out of bed and say good night, you’re sitting down to work in a voice inside tells you to go on YouTube for a second, you’re able to say hey, there’s that lower self again, and get right back to sticking to your original plan. So element number five is awareness. Here’s your exercise to do now take out two pieces of paper right at the top of one best self and at the top of the other, not best self. Then go on and write adjectives that describe each one and give an example of a time where you lived out that adjective. For example, you might write intensity under the best self and give the example when you shot out of bed at 5pm. Or you might write present and give the example of a time when your daughter came to ask you a question when you were working. And you were present enough to close your laptop and give all your attention to hurt. So write the adjectives of each then give each one a name and a tagline and draw a picture of each version of the self. Then I want you to read what you wrote on these two pages every morning, right after you write your goals and do your wicks. The more you remind yourself of who you are at your best, the more likely you’ll be to show up as that person as you go through your life.